$84,000 in 6 weeks

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2018

I created over $84,000 in signed contracts over the past 5-6 weeks in my business. Both new clients and those resigning with me! I created this without sales pages, without spending a dime on marketing and even without a program name!! It wasn’t difficult or complicated.


So why am I sharing the exact numbers with you?



I believe it’s important to talk real numbers. We are taking the stigma out of talking about money and talking about it with specificity. I’d freely share all my personal financials with you if it didn’t put me at risk!


I want you to find a mentor who has created a life similar to what you desire. You want to create 10K months? I did that. You want to create a 6+ figure business? I did that. You want to create a fulfilling, passionate life living out your purpose? Yep, got that too!


I accomplished this while on vacation, taking care of my family, also at a conference, serving my clients, doing ALL my self-care AND while going through my own uplevel. I transformed my life, grew my business, and am loving every minute of it!


I also share this with you for inspiration.


Those dreams you have about changing your life, financial freedom, IMPACTING THE WORLD IN A BIG WAY… They are all possible. I didn’t get here alone, nor is this the destination. I will continue to create a supportive community around me and I will continue to invest in mentors who are far ahead of me both in mindset and in business.


Why do I lead with the money? Because it gets your attention. We all know it’s not just about the money though. Serving you, inspiring transformation, changing the world in my own unique way. That’s the impact that I celebrate deeply. The money allows me to do this on a deeper level and a bigger platform.

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