A healer’s journey

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2018

You can’t convince yourself that this is all you desire in life.

Well, I take that back. You can lie to yourself but you will always know deep down.

You will know that you were meant for more.

You can stuff those desires down, but they will surface.

They will surface in craving sugar, binge drinking, migraines, or aches and pains.

It might even surface in holding onto excess weight, autoimmune diseases, depression.

Sound familiar?

Return to your soul’s desires and the ailments melt away.

That energy has to go somewhere, so channel it for growth.

Maybe your journey started bc you were fed up with the physical symptoms you were experiencing.

So you addressed your health first.

Wow! Right?! What a difference a few shifts in lifestyle made!

But something still felt off.

You still had times of exhaustion and tension, so what is it?

You explore deeper physical and energetic therapies. Bodywork.

Another WOW! Who knew you could experience all this healing.

You start to feel the deeper shifts.

You realize your body has been living in chronic stress for as long as you can remember.

Oh boy, here we go again. New level of healing and ownership for your experience of life.

Your mentors continue to show up right as you are ready for the next step, the deep layer of healing.

You take a stand for the life that you desire.

You feel the calling, the calling that you were meant to inspire, trigger healing, facilitate growth.

You start your business.

Even though you know you’ll never stop growing, expanding, learning, you think you’ve healed ‘the big stuff’ and are ready to help other’s do the same.

And then…

The business doesn’t take off as planned.


And you end up crying yourself to sleep bc it hurts and feels so impossible, all the while you want it SO badly.

Starting a business, especially one where you are the product, is the perfect mode to expose ALL THE FEARS!

“Holy $h1t! I guess I didn’t heal yet!” you think.

Keep going.

Hire mentors, healers, and coaches who inspire you.

Get really clear on what you need for support, each season of growth will be different.


Your pain is not a sign that you are doing anything wrong.

You aren’t off track, it is actually a sign that you are right on the perfect path.

This is for your growth.

Your mentors help you tap back into your soul, your message, YOUR work.

And the business starts to take off.

You start meeting your dream income goals, 10k then 20k and beyond.

You LOVE your clients. They LOVE your time together.

You did it!!!

But you knew from the beginning that these goals were just the beginning.

But you still feel resistance towards the next level.

You tell yourself you like life here. It feels easy.

So you are able to convince yourself for a brief season that THIS (staying here) is actually what you desire.

You have arrived, you don’t NEED more.


You know that even though you are living a pretty awesome life, there is more for you.

So you keep on.

Adjusting where you were still making it hard.

Seeing where the next level of growth is for you.

And the next world opens up for you.

All you have to do is say YES.

Truly limitless abundance is available to you.

Keep saying YES.

The you that started this journey had no idea it could get this good.

Just as the current you only has a glimpse of what’s in store for you.


As you probably guessed, this is part of my story. It played out over the past 5ish years. I imagine you resonate with bits and pieces and if you let the details go and just tune into the energy, you have felt the same.


No matter what part of this story resonates with you, keep moving forward. Get the support you desire to 10x your growth and impact. You wouldn’t have these desires if that life wasn’t available to you. It’s all available to you.

Every. Single. Dream.

Claim them as yours.

Very few actually do.

Be one of the ones that does.

Be one of the ones that doesn’t give up and claims all their dreams come true.

Message me to claim your spot working 1:1 with me in a powerful, accelerated container. Investment rates are increasing very soon. I’m not sharing this to speak to your fears. It’s just a fact that it’s coming. If you’ve been watching from the sidelines and you’ve been watching sign after sign pass you by, this is the time. It’s your time to be in action. To invest before you know you can create the results, bc I know you can create the results and I know a part of you does to.

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