Uncategorized Apr 21, 2018

Yes, all.

The scared part of you.

The worried part of you.

The judgmental part of you.

The impatient part of you.

The angry part of you.


They are all worthy. You are 100% whole and worthy.


You get stuck because, you don’t really believe this is true.


There’s even a part of you right now that is saying, “No way, I feel it ALL the time and it doesn’t go away. She’s crazy! Why would I want to feel that more…”


But you know, deep down, you keep pushing these feelings away. You judge yourself as weak, less than or question what’s wrong with you when they creep up.


You will never experience life the way your desire if you keep pushing the fear away, holding it at arm’s length. If you stay in this pattern of not allowing yourself to FEEL it, you won’t move through it.


Those parts of you will continue, desperately trying to get your attention.


They aren’t going away, those shadow parts of you want to be heard. AND TO BE LOVED.


That is when you come out on the other side with unconditional LOVE.


This is when you experience the flow. The success. The abundance.


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