Are you Disciplined?

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019

It was late Sunday night as I wrote this after writing Monday’s blog for you.

I just wrote my blog for tomorrow, why? BC I'm committed. I'm committed to both my business and my son (he's off tomorrow). Most importantly, I'm committed to myself. Even though I didn't feel like writing at first, the message always flows. It's always exactly what needs to come through me at the right time. It ALWAYS feels sooooo good afterwards (like sex!! 😜)


So yeah, I had to force myself to start. I could have listened to ALL the excuses but I listened to the part of me that knows, the part of me that knows how I feel after. How I sink into the message being exactly what you need to hear when you read it.

The force or push is so brief, and the rewards are beyond worth it. Push through to create the habits that serve you. If you are thinking, I’ve tried that… it doesn’t work.

I promise you are no different. You are not less motivated than me. AND it’s definitely not that you just don’t have what it takes. It’s not you that’s keeping you stuck it’s a few old patterns and beliefs. I’m here for you. We can shift that like it was yesterday’s news. Let’s get those blocks outta there so you can flow, grow, build the life of your dreams.

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