Are you aware that you have committed to feeling stuck

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2018

Are you aware that you have committed to feeling stuck?

As we grow, we get a chance to expand our potential to feel good.

Seems crazy, right?

Why wouldn’t we want to feel good?!

But we aren’t used to it.

Feeling really good can be unfamiliar.

We hit up against an arbitrary ceiling we have created.

Our nervous system doesn’t know what to think when things start to FEEL so good.

We might shrink from it a little.

Unconsciously go back to feeling stuck, off, foggy. That is more comfortable, safe.

But, wow if we can bring our awareness to it then it’s such a place for growth.

We can stretch that container for feeling frickin fabulous.

We can let our nervous systems it is safe to feel this way.

I’ve experienced this after my biggest sales month and my biggest cash month this year.

I contracted the next month, created stress, even created lack.

But no fucking judgement because it also powered my growth.

And the dips are shorter, less dark, more growth on the other side than ever before.

So as I work with the physical and the spiritual worlds, we are human so why wouldn’t we feel all our emotions.

We were gifted this full range of emotions so let us feel.

Feeling is a magical human gift.

The negative emotions are given to us for our growth. Not to live in them but so we can continue to increase our awareness, see where the next level of growth is.

They are a gift.

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