Are you coming to Sedona?

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2019

So I got this REALLY strong hit the other night. It was a powerful, very direct message. I think of these as downloads from God. Usually they come in a bit more vague, but this one was specific and I’m going to share it with you.


Unless you are totally new to me or took a social media hiatus, you know that I’m hosting a powerful retreat for female leaders and entrepreneurs next month. February 10-12th. My message was about this retreat. It was that there are 5 more women who are meant to experience this retreat. They are meant to be a part of our energy. They are meant to work with me in this capacity. And they are afraid to pull the trigger.


I’m trusting that if you are one of these 5 women, you are reading these words and nodding because you know. You know this message is for you. This is your sign from God, translated by yours truly, that it’s time to say yes.


If you’ve never attended an intimate retreat before, then wholly cow!! You don’t even know what you are in for!! This is transformation on level 100! Seriously, when you combine: travel outside your environment, energy vortexes, powerful coaching, and community of like hearted energy, the possibilities are endless. Retreats in the past have created massive shifts for me. During one retreat, I committed to doubling my investment rates and signed the very next client I spoke with. I created a 20K month after another retreat.


This is not about taking a vacation (although there will be pampering and luxury involved!), this is about committing to your vision and releasing your blocks on the deepest level possible. You will be so supported through this process. All you have to do is follow your heart.


Message ASAP!

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