Do you know how your beliefs are impacting your stress?

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2019

Let’s talk about how the stress and tension you experience is really just an expression of your beliefs.


Here’s how it works…


Something “stressful”or “upsetting” happens in your life. I put quotes around those words purposefully. Our families and society have created all kinds of definitions for stressful events; it’s how we learned what is supposed to stress us out. Typically, the things that stress you out the most are the ones that feel completely out of your control. You feel like you can’t impact the situation the way you desire and this causes a reaction. And we have all kinds of societal norms about the definitions around what are “bad” things that could happen to us; just like we have commonly accepted definitions around the “good” things that could happen.


What if we consider that 99% of the world is actually creating their own stress because of these definitions? What if we try on that everything we learned about how to define a bad or stressful situation was completely false?


Are you thinking, how is that even possible?! Let’s change the meaning you make about those experiences. When you put the perception that the situation is stressful it automatically makes your brain pull out the folder of “How to react in a bad/stressful situation” and then you react according to what’s in that file. Now some of you have better coping mechanisms than others depending on the personal growth work you’ve experienced.


But I’m going to tell you that the even deeper level is not in how to respond but how you DEFINE the situation that will the even bigger game changer!!


Your experience can change when you change your beliefs and perceptions of the world around you. The stress you feel changes when you change the meaning that you are giving everything you see and experience.

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