Ego vs Soul

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2018

Do you notice the energy when someone wants to be the hero vs the catalyst/container/space for change? There is a HUGE energetic difference. It’s monumental actually. One is about the person who is “helping” desires to be the savior which supports the victim mentality. The other, is about empowering, owning your own abilities to shift and change.


One is about Ego the other, is Soul.


Please to don’t take on saving the world. Sure, set your intention to change the world! But no one is here to SAVE others. Even us healers, that’s not what your energy was meant for. You are here to share your gifts to empower change. And more specifically you are meant to share your gifts with those who desire and are ready to own their transformation.


Do you feel those who think, “If you could just see… If you could just do it my way… If you could just let me rescue you… then you could have a better life”?


Maybe you’ve felt that way before. Wanted change so badly for another.  But please don’t waste your powerful, life changing energy on those who aren’t ready to show up for themselves.


Tune into the energy of our leaders, mentors and change makers. Don’t follow blindly. You can FEEL those who are coming from a place of EGO.


I’m not here to save the world. You don’t need me to save you. I will empower you ever day of the week though!

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