Everything has a Shadow and Light Expression

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2019

Everything has a shadow and light expression.

Both serve us.

They serve us in not so different ways, actually.

Both serve for our growth and expansion.

I pulled an oracle card of self sabotage today…

This is historically a tough one for me.

Instead of seeing as a celebration that I have the power to shift, it would drop me into immediate blame.

Blame that I created the experience I want to shift. Blame that it was my fault.

Then would come the SHOULDS.

I should have figured it out already.

I should be having a different experience.

But truly this awareness of self sabotage is a gift.

The trigger was even a gift.


By being triggered by the idea that I could be self sabotaging gave me a chance to unpack it, to heal wounds, to dig underneath, to see my story for the truth and lies.

Our shadow energy is not to be ignored, hidden, or shamed.

It is to be celebrated. It is a gift in itself.

Where is your shadow energy playing today?

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