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Uncategorized May 22, 2019

Often there is talk a lot about society boxing us in, defining who we can or cannot become.


Let’s turn that around and back to ourselves for a moment.


How are YOU boxing yourself in?


If I like this that means this.


If I like this than I can’t also be into this.


If I’m this kind of coach it means this.


If I want that it means this about me.

Here’s just a few of my truths that don’t fit into any box.

I love luxury hotels AND backpacking through the woods for days.


I love getting all dressed up AND live in jeans and athletic gear most of the time.


I am crunchy all natural AND use chemicals!


I have a strong right brain and strong left brain.


I love flow AND hustle.


I am an introvert AND love performing/presenting/being in front of people.


I love some good data AND could rely only on my intuition.


So many times your box is actually self inflicted. Where are you restricting yourself?


You get to be anything and everything you want, EVEN if they are seemingly contradictory. This is another layer of loving all your parts. Letting all your parts have a voice and place in your life. True unconditional love.


What are your seemingly contradictory parts that are thriving and calling to be MORE expressed into this world?

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