Feeling like a failure

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2019

I know what it feels like to feel like a failure when no one else can even believe that you feel that way.


I know what it feels like to be the one that everyone thinks has it all, but to be an absolute mess in your mind. When you are that girl, no one wants to hear how you are struggling because from their viewpoint you have nothing to be dissatisfied about.


You feel a way that doesn’t seem to align with your outward circumstances. And you feel like an ungrateful, selfish, conceited jerk for feeling down about your life.


You think… Why can’t I just be in gratitude?


You also feel really alone and misunderstood.


You have all the things on the outside.

The body.

The family.

The career.

The money.


You think, what’s wrong with me that I have all these successes and achievements that so many other people are striving for but I want more and I want to FEEL differently?!


It wasn’t even that I had chased after these superficial things and then realized I was unsatisfied. All those things actually came super easy to me, little to no effort. They were standards that I innately held. I did achieve some because it was expected of me but they weren’t a struggle. This was even more of a reason that I felt like I should be so grateful for the life that my husband and I co-created.


Why the hell wasn’t I content?!


It isn’t a simple answer, well, it is simple but multifaceted. I wasn’t allowing myself to go for my dreams. Now to clarify, I didn’t really know what my dreams were at that time, just that it wasn’t what I had. I started with the inner work, stress management, healing physically, mentally and spiritually. I started taking steps towards a new career. I was open to being lead and the teachers always showed up at just the right time. It’s been process. I’ve been working on for years but the last 2 years have been quantum leap after quantum leap. Once the veil was lifted there was no turning back.


I know you needed to hear this. I know that you have felt this way too, for years.


I won’t stand for any of us feeling this way any longer.


So what’s next?


For me it’s running a 6 figure – heading to 7 figure business – for you maybe it’s the same or maybe something else. If you are feeling it then it’s something. There’s something missing. You don’t have to know it all, just the very next step. Something that you aren’t allowing yourself to admit and go for.


Even if you’ve been doing inner work for a while now, changing the way that you think is still a great place to start because it changes everything. It will allow the fog to part.


Mindset has become a buzz word. It’s become trendy. I love that so many more are opening up to the power of this work. It’s where is all begins and ends. What’s in between? Action, movement. The inner work is only a piece of the puzzle, a big frickin piece but only a one half. The other half is taking action towards your dreams.


Let’s work on both, together, in tandem. The inner and outer game. You get to have it all if you show up.


We are going to be doing just that, working both the inner and outer game at the retreat. You can still join myself and my clients in Sedona next month. This is truly an experience you don’t want to miss. Deep immersive transformation for 3 days! February 10-12th.  


Rewiring your patterns when you are outside your typical environment is like 100x more powerful and faster. We are going to be in one of the most powerful healing energy vortex’s in the world, allowing your transformation to be supercharged and felt on new levels. Hit reply to apply for a spot!


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