Get in the Game

Uncategorized May 20, 2019

It’s time to get in the game.


The game of life.


Get in FULLY and COMPLETELY in it.


All in - heart and soul.


You gotta stop letting your dreams and your desires fizzle away because they scare you.


You gotta stop floundering around all messy and unfocused.


And you gotta get high level, kick a$$ support.


It’s a non negotiable. Period.


I’ll be sharing what I learned when I took a 3 month break from having high level support in my life. 3 months without a coach and how that compared to my previous 3 years of always having a mentor at my side.


You don’t want to miss this!! It’s going to be an EPIC training! I’ll be going live on my FB page, date/time TBD so give me your absolute favorite GIF or emoji below if you want to be tagged when it happens!

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