Holding Space

Uncategorized May 16, 2019

Powerful session with a client today.

You are not meant to solve anyone else’s problems.

That’s not what you are here for.

You are not meant to carry the weight of anyone’s burden.

You can hold massive, powerful space for them without taking on the weight of their burden.

It’s completely false that you taking it on will make it lighter for them.

Picture it this way, you are each carrying the heavy bolder now; the bolder duplicated and did not shrink. Now you are both tired and in need of support.

You absolutely cannot do someone else's work for them. It’s their journey. Their “mistakes” to make – those mistakes are the only way for their growth, learning and change.

Be there for them, cheer them on, support them but don’t pick up their bolder.

You aren’t selfish when you show up this way. You are modeling strength and boundaries. You are also sharing the belief that you have in someone else to succeed.

Taking away their power. In a way it’s supporting their lack of belief in themselves, the exact opposite of your intention.

Practice holding space without having to fix.

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