I Bet You Are Bad at This

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

If you are a high achieving, successful driven person, which of course you are because you are here in this space with me and that’s the only kind of person that hangs out here, then you are probably really bad at this…


You are probably pretty bad at celebrating your accomplishments.


You meet the goal and it’s like, okay I did that, now what’s next?!


Maybe you are saying in your head, ‘No I’m not! I have been working on this and I celebrate my wins!’


But do you really celebrate the little things or just the big ones?


I signed a new client.


I hit 5 figure months.


I made it to 6 figures.


I spoke on stage.


These are the big ones, I bet you have a long list of things that you could have celebrated on your way to those accomplishments.


How many times have you been afraid to do something but then once you did it, you said ‘That’s not such a big deal… Everyone does that, right?!’


Give yourself full credit for how you show up!!


You are doing amazing things and just because you aren’t to your ‘goal’ yet doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate more along the way.


It doesn’t matter what your ritual for celebrating looks like. It doesn’t matter ‘how’ you do it.


The goal is that whatever you choose to do, evokes your celebration feelings.


The strategy of ‘how’ you celebrate is just to help you REALLY embody the celebration.


Reflect on your celebrations or miracles, as I call them with my clients, DAILY.




This is ‘how’ you attract more and more things to celebrate into your life.

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