I Don't Know!

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2019

I just realized my biggest unconscious lingering fear, seriously right before I was going to head to bed on a Friday night. So instead I grabbed my laptop to share it from my soul to yours. I’d been feeling stuck with a couple questions these past couple months. I haven’t been able to identify what is currently holding me back from the next level. There was something there but I hadn’t been able to see it. I know there was a reason and to be totally honest I’ve been avoiding my deeper work, trying to hide the avoidance from myself!! LOL! The things we try to  hide, right!?


I’ve been doing my inner work but not fully, not as deep as I am capable of. And even though it’s not what I want to admit. It’s true. I think we keep ourselves blind to what we aren’t ready to see. But now I’m ready. I have pretty high standards for my growth, deep and quantum. I’ve still been growing and I’ve also avoided the quantum leaps available to me.


Where are you avoiding seeing the truth? You know those questions you keep saying “I DON’T KNOW …” to, start there. Even if you can’t see it in the beginning, stay there. Stay there until it’s uncovered. You can do it slowly or rip the band-aid off quickly. Your choice will depend on how fast you grow. Are you willing to dive into the uncomfortable? That’s where the growth is, that’s where the quantum leaps lie.


So what is the fear I uncovered? That I will be blind to my ridiculousness. That I would go to the next level, making claims that are crazy. That I will be the one that everyone is laughing at behind my back and I will be clueless. That will just be completely blind to my areas of growth. Ironic that this is what I was holding just under my consciousness isn’t it? Oh so fitting! So what’s the lesson? I’m not blind to where my work is needed for my next level, as long as I’m willing to sit with it. To show up and do the deep quantum leaping. Then I can never be blind to it.


And here’s the other thing. I want others to think I’m a bit ridiculous! Because I’m in the top 10% of my field and I’m heading to the top, all the way to the top. So some, many, won’t get it. You do, that’s why you are here. That’s why we’ve connected We look at the world differently than the majority. So I want the majority to think I’m ridiculous!! They can laugh all they want because I will be living the life of my dreams, no apologies.


So do you want to quantum leap this year? I bet you are still thinking too small with your goals. Let’s step away from resolutions and intentions and step into decisions and actions!


Much Love,



It’s time for a retreat!


Sedona, Arizona – February 10-12 2019

You can’t hide from the inner work at a retreat, I’ll call you out even if you try!! This is where quantum leaps happen. It’s three days with me! Deep coaching experiences in an intimate setting. Getting out of your environment and be surrounded by other badass female leaders. This is an opportunity you can’t miss. Sedona is a powerful energy vortex, magical things are going to happen and I want you there with us. The deadline to guarantee a room at the resort is January 7th. This opportunity is limited to 12 powerful women total, including my VIP clients. Message me for the payment link.

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