It's Time You Started Loving Sales

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2019

So many new entrepreneurs tell me that they wish they could skip the sales and just do their purpose work, I even said the same thing in the beginning! Unfortunately, that’s the definition of an employee not an entrepreneur.

If sales feel like a struggle

If sales feel like a constant drain

If sales feel pushy

You aren’t going to want to do them. You are only going to force yourself to do them when you ‘need’ a client. You are going to resent a HUGE important part of your business. You will energetically repel a lot of clients.

This alone has caused so many to quit. To decide they just didn’t have what it takes. To really believe they weren’t born with the right sales gene!

Our society has created this fear around sales. Look at infomercials, to good to be true deals, the scams, network marketing. The stereotypical used car salesman! LOL! No soulful coach wants to be seen in that category!

But you aren’t! What you offer is real (even if it isn’t very tangible!!). I want you to love selling. I want you to believe in what you have to offer without a shadow of a doubt.

The sale is a major part of the transformation for your clients, YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THAT! It’s an honor to be part of it!

You created so much incorrect meaning around sales, what it means about you, what it means to be pushy…

Now don’t get me wrong, you are not here to convince anyone. Nope, that’s not the energy either.

Sales and selling get to be fun. Selling gets to be transformational (for all involved). You get to love selling AND feel really frickin good about it!

If you are ready to love selling, it’s time you reach out. 1:1 VIP mastermind spots are available. This is high level access to me and my team for your massive transformation. THE. BEST. SUPPORT. EVER.


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