Put Yourself First

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2018

It’s super easy to get distracted in our world today. I caught myself today. I was feeling super flow and connection after my workout so what’s the most powerful use of my time in that moment?


To write: journal, brainstorm, share content. I caught myself thinking what I should do, in this case it was go home, eat leftovers (instead of grabbing lunch out), hang with my family.


But here’s the thing, that could be a great plan but it’s not what my soul was leading me to and I know what happens when I go home and think I’m going to still take an hour to write… You know what I mean, even with the best of intentions the moment flitters away with your little one wanting to show you his latest project and asking the cutest questions! Here’s what I’ve learned about myself. I NEED a crap ton of alone time. It’s the only way I can get the best version of me. Even though I’ve done my work and I’m super aware of this, old patterns creep up sometimes.


But if I had gone home it would have lead to me being grumpy or off later in the day bc I didn’t release my soul’s message. I have to do my soul’s work, my passion and my purpose if I want to show up at my best for my family.


If you aren’t following along, let me spell it out for you. Choice one: I spend the whole afternoon with my family, ignoring the soul hits that I needed to capture. I would struggle to be fully present. I would be distracted by my thoughts, my loved ones would feel the distance and potentially make it about them. Either way the day would not be the best for everyone. It would lead to someone feeling poorly, irritated, annoyed.


Choice two: I take a couple hours to get my message out then return to my family. I am fully present without distraction. I can enjoy, play, engage. My loved ones FEEL my presence and love. My body/soul feels at peace. Ultimately we have the BEST day possible. So yes, we spent a few less hours together but you know it’s about the quality of that time versus the quality.


If you are like me, a emphatic purpose driven conscious entrepreneur you gotta take YOUR time. This might be a whole new level of self care for you, step into it. The peace in your body and soul you experience will be like no other. Not to mention the creativity, love and abundance that follows.


You feel different because you are. The things that energize others completely drain you. You may need WAY more down time than the average but you also get WAY MORE accomplished in your life. No questions asked that when you take correct care of yourself you will be one of the most influential humans in this world. You will change the world.

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