Releasing judgement. Owning choice. Embodying trust. Choosing soul.

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2018

The energy of knowing you have everything you need within you.


Not placing your power onto someone else.


Not a mentor, not a program, not a coaching session, not a healer.


The energy of believing in your transformation.


The energy of believing you will receive exactly what was meant for you.


Trusting your decision making.


Trusting the support of a higher power.


You don’t need anyone to create your transformation.


You might choose to receive extra support.


There is a strong energetic difference, between need and choice.


You might choose to invest with me to mirror back your power.


Releasing judgement. Owning choice. Embodying trust. Choosing soul.


Let’s be really clear. You don’t NEED me, or any other mentor for that matter. Choose to enter into a partnership from a place of empowerment. You have everything you need already inside of you.


Yes, mentors will be brought into your life for you. Guides you can choose to track with or not.


We are designed to co-create. This is part of the journey, choosing to move together. So now it sounds even more like a riddle, doesn’t it?


You don’t need a mentor but God also has placed people in your path for you to be in relationship with?


Yes, it’s your choice if you follow those hits.


It’s the same belief you’ve heard me share before. Decide that you always make great decisions, there are no mistakes, you can’t screw this up… even if you don’t follow the hits.


Releasing judgement. Owning choice. Embodying trust. Choosing soul.


And yet, you will have a dramatically different experience the more you follow your soul’s guidance. So, if you are getting nudges to invest in a big way or leave your job and go all in entrepreneur and you choose not to listen. You choose not to listen bc… it’s not time yet, don’t have the money, have to prove… or any other seemingly logical reason of why not.


Here’s the thing, you haven’t messed anything up because you are meant to have that experience for your soul’s journey. So it’s holding that it wasn’t a mistake for not listening bc that experience was part of your journey AND simultaneously you can choose to step into your true soul guided living at any time.


Listening and acting on your soul’s prompts will create the life that you are dreaming of.


So can you come to a place of owning that you might have previously created struggle, not judge this struggle, not judge how long you chose to struggle and not get frustrated with the idea that you chose struggle. And also decide that you are stepping into a new way of being showing up and living. Knowing that this was the exact right timing for you.


Releasing judgement. Owning choice. Embodying trust. Choosing soul.


So if you can’t screw it up, why don’t you have what you desire yet?


The problem is actually in the question you are asking. You don’t believe that you already have the life you desire. You believe you are doing LIFE wrong in some way.  You believe there is some magic key you haven’t unlocked.


All your desires have been answered. They are already done and received in another dimension. You are choosing to live with lens of lack. You are choosing to view your reality and circumstances from a place of contraction.


Claim your abundant experience and your physical reality will catch up. Do you feel like you’ve done this before and it didn’t work? You didn’t call in what you desired? Want to know what you did wrong? And I’m only saying wrong here so we can make human sense of it… remember, you can’t actually do anything wrong, it’s all meant for your learning. Anyway, here’s what you are meant to hear now to shift your experience! (that’s the loving way to so say it!) You just didn’t believe for long enough, you weren’t patient enough, you didn’t maintain the faith.


You didn’t manifest the physical results in an acceptable time frame so you returned to questioning. You jumped back into fear. You allowed the worries to run the show again. There isn’t a time frame. You maintain trust. It’s not, trust until you feel frustration about your situation. It’s not, Oh I didn’t instantly manifest it so I must be doing it wrong or that must not be for me. Nooooo! That’s not even close to what it is!


Be the person who has the results, the life and the business you desire. B.E. It’s absolutely all about who you are choosing to be. And you BE that person (you are actually just being you) until you have a new level of awareness of who you are meant to be and so on and so on.


While reading this you created shifts and transformed. I set the intention. I declared it. And so it is. You’ve received this as one of many soul messages. You have read it in the exact moment that was meant for you.


Even if it has your head confused or your fears lit up, your soul heard the message. The message landed in your body just as it was meant to. There is nothing left to do but BE the person who has the exact life you desire.

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