Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

You are the cause of the stress you feel.


You. No one else. No external circumstance. Just your perception of that circumstance. The meaning you create about it.


AND you probably have created circumstances that allow that stress to continue…


Why? Because it’s what you know. It’s safe to feel that way. You are unconsciously making decisions that support your struggle continuing. Doesn’t that kinda blow your mind?! That we could be choosing a stressful experience!


When I worked in the ICU I remember telling a coworker that so many of the staff have so much stress and chaos in their life outside of their career. We remarked that the ICU environment mirrored their home lives in many ways. And she said, it’s what they know and it’s their place of comfort. Now I’m aware that I’m making a generalization, this didn’t apply to everyone. And there are lots of reasons people choose to work in the ICU, this is just one layer and illustrates my point.


We choose what we know. We choose what is known because our monkey brains interpret this as safe.


Now when we had that conversation, more than 10 years ago, I was looking at it as “they are doing that”. Not me! I didn’t have the drama that they would tell me about, so on the surface, they seemed different from me at the time. But years later, on reflection, I could see that I had the same internal stress, struggle, and chaos just my external environment wasn’t as quite as notable.


But I was feeling the same stress they were over big projects that I took on at the hospital or even the worry about making the wrong decision when it came to something positive like buying a house. I had a knack for creating stress out of even positive situations. I was blind to doing it any other way. I unconsciously thought that creating that level of stress, examination, overthinking helped me make the best decisions possible. That it was serving me, making me more successful…


I know I wasn’t alone in this behavior. I believe many super successful beings do this too.


And it also limited me, because I believed that more success HAD to equal more stress. And this was something I wasn’t willing to experience, so I stopped climbing the career ladder.


There’s another way.


Creating success without stress, worry, anxiety is true success.


Our natural state is not meant to be in stress, worry, or anxiety.


This takes reprogramming your brain to think, react and interact with the world differently. It’s a habit change, just like any health habit. Just like drinking water, journaling, exercise. It takes time and effort in the beginning then it becomes something you do without even realizing it.

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