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Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019

Often when you don’t get the results you desired it’s because you backed off right before the breakthrough. The results were literally on the other side. But you reached a point where you thought you had enough evidence that it wasn’t {going to work out, no one was going to sign up, possible}. Your brain said, “See! I told you this wasn’t going to happen! You got your hopes up about nothing.” Or some similar chain of thoughts.


What if you stayed all in? What if you promoted your offer until the last moment?


What if you kept posting your deepest message even without the likes and comments?


What if you approached your life holding these two beliefs –

1. This result I desire is totally going to happen. I completely trust and have faith that it will.


2. Whatever happens was totally meant to be, is for my greater good and for my growth.


Here’s what happens when we don’t go all in and don’t get the result. It feels badly. You might blame outside circumstances, go into victim mode. You might get judgmental and hard on yourself for not giving it all you had. Probably a little of both! But either way, it doesn’t feel good.


But when we go all in (and all in doesn’t have to be hard, exhausting, create burnout, etc) and we don’t get the result we desired. It feels really differently. Especially when you aren’t attached to the outcome, which is just assumed, right? We aren’t ever attached to a result because that will keep it out of reach. You can objectively look at your actions and energy and decide what you’d like to shift for next time. And you don’t have that feeling of, I could have done more.


Learning these specific mindsets around detachment, holding space for struggles or failures (whatever you want to call them) actually being for me, coupled with my practice of consistently going all in on my dreams has LITERALLY changed my life and business.


I don’t even feel like this blog is doing it justice. I trust that you will sink into the energy of the message even more than the specific words. This is where success feels easy.

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