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What’s your story? Tell me your hero’s journey. You have a very important story to share with the world.


If you knew me before I started my business you know that I had a great life. I was super successful in my career, great husband, amazing son, beautiful home, all the things…


BUT holy crap did the inside not match the outside. My hero’s journey is not one of external struggle. I don’t have a story of overcoming crazy debt, awful and poor paying jobs, or some massive failure to get where I am today.


I overcame my mind. I was battling a MASSIVE internal war with myself.


Stress and worry that kept me firing on all cylinders all the time. AKA fear and anxiety, but if you had used those words with me… I would have shut you down. All successful people are stressed, right?! The models that I had in my life were. I literally didn’t know there was another possibility.


I here from women that didn’t have successful female role models in their life, so they had to stretch their beliefs about what they could accomplish and how much they could earn. That wasn’t my life. I had loads of successful role models both male and female, but every one of them chose to make massive sacrifices to achieve what they did.


Those sacrifices were broad: stress, health, family time, not loving their job,


I believed that BIG success always came at a cost, a sacrifice. At some point in my career, I decided I wasn’t willing to make those sacrifices. I didn’t want the management positions that came with a title, responsibilities that never fit into the work week, only a 10% raise, and massive stress. I didn’t want that to be my life so I thought that I was done rising. I was done climbing the ladder.


Now in hindsight, I now see that those managers and directors I worked with chose to show up the way they did. And for a few, I imagine, those choices weren’t a sacrifice because the job was their passion and purpose, but mostly I saw and heard complaints of their sacrifices.


I purposefully sought out mentors and friends that were living a true life of success. I was committed to rewriting the story of what being at the top looked like. We all get to experience massive success without sacrifice.


Step into to your full power with me. Share your story of transformation. Share your vision of success.


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