That Calling You Have on Your Heart to Share Your Message

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2018

That calling you have on your heart to share your message, to share your wish for change in the world?

You know the one. It might only be whisper but you hear it.

Sometimes you listen and on the other side you feel the tension break, you feel expansion, you feel lighter, you feel peace.

And sometimes you ignore the whisper. The tension builds, the fog rolls in, the sticky muck weighs you down. You lack clarity. You feel like it’s not possible. You start to believe the fears, it get’s harder to determine which part of you that you are hearing. Your soul? Or your fear? You thought you knew the difference but right now it doesn’t seem clear.

What can you do to return back to that knowing, the clarity, the possibilities? You act on the whispers and clarity comes rolling back in. The lightness takes over.

For me it’s writing. If I ignore the hits I get and don’t share my message with you, everything feels sticky and bogged down. I don’t feel the flow.

Share your message. As I’m now calling it, your art, share your art with the world. I love this idea of our message being art. It’s the art only you can share because there is only one you.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it, just listen, act and repeat.

Listen. Act. And repeat.

Telling yourself you don’t know or can’t hear it, strengthens that belief and it becomes true.

Pray, surrender and open up to receive your messages if you find them hard to hear.

At the core each of us all have the same message (love, freedom, peace, etc) but it’s our way of sharing it and our energy that distinguishes us.

There isn’t a way to ‘do it right’. I just start writing and allow myself to drop in. To drop into my connection with God, with my soul. Drop into the flow.

The words flow, the energy flows, time stands still. With practice it just happens. Nothing that you have to do to prep yourself, you just show up.

And get ready to feel the expansion on the other side. It’s like a drug, better actually. All the good with none of the side effects! The expansion creates momentum, more growth, more everything.

What is your mode of sharing your art with the world? If you don’t hear an answer, no worries. Just pick a method and go. Your first go at it might lead to another method of sharing or your intuition will have picked.

Either way, you will deepen your craft with each day.

There is nothing to learn, everything you need is already inside you. You ‘know’ it all already. Just allow it to be released.

You can’t F it up. And you will only get more powerful with repeated practice.

Release your energy, your message, into the world. It will change everything.

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