The Hollywood

Uncategorized May 09, 2019

Get ready for this share!! If this doesn’t have you laughing, then just leave now! You are not meant for this tribe! LOL

I’m going to tell you how getting my legs, underarms and full on brazilian waxed ALL AT ONCE totally represents how I do life and business! (and what I desire for you)

Soooo, I’ve never had anything except my eye brows waxed before. I’ve been wanting to try it out, hadn’t yet made it a priority. Then, a new place opens up minutes from my house, AND one of my clients mentions it in a session… Of course I’m like, YES I see the signs!

Instead of trying out one small area and seeing how it goes, I go all in! Literally dive into the deep end head first. What’s the point if you don’t, right?! I mean, I just waxed off 90% of my body’s hair!!! Let me tell you, IT WAS INTENSE!

(The verdict’s still out on whether or not this will become a thing for me or not… but don’t worry, my client has graciously offered to be my waxing coach so that I can stay in it for the long game! Kidding, kinda…)

Okay, back to the point. I show up this way in life too. I don’t ease into most things. I put notice in at my job before having any clients and signed my first client before finishing my certification. I go all in AND want all the results pretty darn quickly. I bet you do this too, don’t you? When you commit, YOU FRICKIN COMMIT. All in or what’s the point?!

But, are there areas where you are holding yourself back from a full brazilian AKA The Hollywood?!

(I’ve learned all sorts of new things this week! A whole new language!! You are cracking up, right?)

Where are you holding yourself back in life and business? Where are you saying, not yet or once I have more experience, or after I’ve figured out ___ ?

PS – NEW OFFERING! First come, first serve, limited time. Schedule The HOLLYWOOD - 90 minute 1:1 session. This is going to be as intense as my first waxing experience, I won’t be holding anything back and neither will you. We will get you fully re-aligned, all in, and ready for your next big move in your life/business. These sessions are super limited and will sell out fast. Message me for the payment link, the spot isn’t yours until you complete the investment. Theses sessions are super powerful, one time reset to get back on track.

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