This Isn’t Talked About Enough

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2019

This isn’t talked about enough.

We are bombarded by sales copy toting 6 figures and beyond right out of the gate.

Entrepreneurs that create massive businesses in a short period of time.

We need these shares because it allows us to see what’s possible.

AND we need to be having the conversation with the ones that it took time.

We need to share about the failed launches.

We need to share what we learned in those early periods that felt like struggle.

Not everything I’ve offered has sold.

It took me about 18 months to hit my first 5 figure month.

I didn’t understand why it wasn’t happening for me in the beginning and I felt like because I wasn’t one of those that it happened for quickly that I wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur.

But something inside me kept me moving forward, continuing to hone my message and my mindset. Fully committing to the inner healing.

I would also argue that I hit 6 figures in year two of my business but it was year twenty something of my growth.

We can’t forget about all the inner work we did before launching our businesses, I had worked for years to build my confidence in public speaking. This was before the dream of running my own business but it definitely had an impact on my success. I began to plant the seeds much earlier.

So when you are tempted to drop into comparison, know you are only seeing just a sliver. Just the measurable results. Your path is going to look different. Your pace is going to look different. Your growth is going to look different.

I’m excited to continue this conversation with you. What do you think, should we be sharing more freely about the ‘failures’?

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