Transparency with Money

Uncategorized Jun 25, 2019

Be clear what numbers you are sharing.


The online business industry will only benefit from transparency.


Are you sharing sales made or money received?


Share the time frame in which you created those results. Are you sharing income over the life of your business/program or annual?


Product sales made vs income received…


Debt free but still have a mortgage…  (now I don’t believe any debt is bad but many forget that this is debt too. It’s just been deemed typical/normal. ALL debt is a choice to pay over an extended time period)


Millionaire vs million-dollar business… For 10 years your business hits 100k and your net worth is 500k. You aren’t a millionaire in my eyes but you do run a million dollar business…


I shared with a client today that the very first time I talked about MY FIRST 5 FIGURE MONTH it was actually sales made. I didn’t even realize at the time there were differences in the way business owners spoke about their numbers. I was naive. I realized that I had been making assumptions about other business owner’s claims. They weren’t at fault, I filled in the blanks myself!


After that, I set an intention and I am very clear with you all now when I share. I do this because I deeply value honesty and transparency.


I also share numbers often because I believe it lets you see what’s possible, even though it’s not needed our brains like it! They like to know that others have accomplished what you desire. 


I share the numbers so that you can see it’s not just fluff or a dream. 


I share the numbers because I want to take the stigma out of talking about money. I want to make it common place at EVERY dinner table EVERYWHERE.


I grew up in a family who freely talked about money. How much my parent’s income was, how much our house cost, what being able to afford or not afford something meant to them, how to save, how to invest, etc…


This experience positively shaped my foundational money mindset. If you didn’t have that in your life, I will be that person for you. 

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