Unleash Your Full Self

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2019

You at 50% is light years ahead of most people’s 100%. And you know it!

People are blown away at what you can accomplish, yet you still feel like something is off.

You know that you aren’t running at full power.

And because you know that you are capable of so much more, you get frustrated with yourself at only showing up with 50% of your power…

It doesn’t matter what others say, you feel lazy and they don’t get it.

I do. Because I’ve spent a lifetime living in that space too.

It’s pretty easy to be above average, isn’t it?!

It’s okay to admit you don’t have to put the same effort in as others do to get the same results.

And I want to help you break out of the that lazy feeling of just showing up at 50%.

You aren’t really lazy, it just feels that way.

Your patterns are holding you back, because if you showed up at 100%?! Holy $h!t! The world might not be ready for that… So that is not a safe place to play in (that’s what the subconscious fears believe anyway).

You might even remember times in your past when you did go all in and were judged, made fun of, criticized, so you feel like you even have evidence of why it isn’t safe.

Your soul is dying to be unleashed, fully released out onto this world.

100% power 100% of the time.

I know exactly how you feel and exactly how to shift it.

You can break free of this pattern.

Are you ready to unleash YOUR 100% on the world?

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