Uncategorized May 13, 2019

The flow I felt last night as I drifted off to sleep is gone. I can’t find the words, yet last night it was all flowing through me. In the daylight it’s stuck, the message is hiding, afraid.

It’s like my fear knows, it’s safe at night. She won’t take action at midnight. But in the daylight, we must hide that connection to soul, keep it from coming to fruition. Overwhelm her with fear and attachment. Flood her with all the reasons why not.

And here I sit, very conscious and aware to this all happening. Unable to create the shift in the moment. So what do I do, I write. I write this. I write what I’m feeling in the moment, not after I’ve created the breakthrough to share. Now. In the depths of feeling down. In the place of impatience for my growth. In the judgement of my mood.

This is honest sharing. This is transparency. This is showing the whole journey.

It won’t last, there is a part of me that knows. And I feel better already in this share, in the moment right now.

I’ve been wondering where, if anywhere, am I holding back from sharing the whole truth.

Here it is, the next layer of vulnerability.

Showing up while creating the shift. In the middle of doing my own work, not after.

I know you needed to see this today, but it’s not why I’m doing it, it’s all for me.

To experience the release. the shift. the growth.

I’m grateful to have the tools and the support to move through experiences like this. The shifts and expansion come with so much more ease than before.

AND when you feel like they aren’t happening as you would like, this is a reminder in patience and, of course, surrender.

Sending you love and compassion and gratitude for exactly where you are on YOUR journey.

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