What Do You Need

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2018

What do you need to hear to believe you can?


What do you need to hear to believe you are the frickin’ best at what you do?


What do you need to hear to do the BIG action you’ve been procrastinating on?


Let me answer it for you, NOTHING.


Nothing you hear or read is going to do it for you…


Evidence, achievements and meeting goals won’t do it for you either…


Sure, it might give you’re a temporary boost, but creating change on a cellular level… that comes from within.


That’s what a great mentor/coach/healer holds space for. They help you find the thread, that part of you that already ‘knows’ the answers, and guide you to strengthen that thread into a steel rope.


Creating a strong and unwavering faith and belief yourself and what you can have in this world.

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