What to do When you Don't Know What to Share

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2018

I wrote this for you last week.


I have been sharing with you 5 days a week for just shy of 2 months now. I’m proud of this accomplishment! And today, I have a sinus cold. I’m a bit achy and tired. I don’t feel like writing AND I know it’s such a healing activity for me and inspires others. So here I sit, propped in bed, sharing my message with you. Trusting that just the right one will come, because I don’t know yet what I am meant to share today.


I trust that something beautiful will come through me to you, but at the very least, I want to show you my process. I’ve committed to writing and sharing my message.

Even when I don’t ‘know’ what it is.

Even when I have a ‘valid’ excuse not to.

Even when I’m not ‘feeling’ it.


I do it because first, I know I WILL feel so much better afterwards. And second, because I know that this message will be exactly what you need to hear today. When I started sharing, I didn’t believe I had a strong enough message. I didn’t believe I wrote well. I didn’t believe I had the right words to share. I was fearful of judgement. Can you relate?


Even on top of that, I can remember thinking… What if I share something about how I think coaching, life, beliefs, etc work and then I change my mind?? I hope this example makes you smile; it makes me smile. So many fears holding me back. I can reflect on them now with slight amusement. I now see and believe that I hope I change and evolve my message over the years. That you will be evolving with me and you will welcome shifts and the evolution of my work. AND I get if you are experiencing a similar fear, it feels incredibly real, even paralyzing at times.


I just returned home from an amazing weekend HCI Live event with the ones who started me on this amazing healing/coaching/entrepreneurial journey. I met so many fabulous new coaches. Many came up to me with gratitude for the sharing that I do on social media. They were telling me how inspiring it is to read my words. It meant so much to me because this level of sharing didn’t come easy in the beginning. I shared with one coach that in my first year, I was so fearful of sharing my own words that I purchased a DFY bundle of posts (I DON’T RECOMMEND DOING THIS AT ALL!!) She was so surprised! See how we just assume because we see someone showing up in a certain way, that it’s always been like that. You think to yourself, that they must have something you don’t.


Remember, when you find yourself dropping into comparison, those people you admire… they went through their healing/growth/work to get to the place that you see them in now. You have everything you need inside of you right now. As you watch me, know that I am fully committed to my growth and to sharing my soul’s message with you, period. I desire the same commitment from you because I KNOW you can do this too.


Share your message.

Share your truth.

Share your heart.

And you will change the world.


PS – See what can flow when you set the intention to share?! I had no idea what I would write for you today and look what came through! AND of course, I physically feel better too! What commitment to yourself and/or service will you honor today?

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