Who will win, Fear or Soul?

Uncategorized May 31, 2019

Do you love growth (aka change) and find it to hit a threshold and it becomes overwhelming?


You call in all this expansion, growth and upleveling.


Then the magnitude of it all hits you.


You wanted the change but your critter brain starts to freak out.


Your body is jittery, you can’t get grounded.


You start to convince yourself of why to backtrack a touch.


Not full on retreat, just maybe you went a little too far…


It’s not going to be sustainable, right? Little changes are more sustainable, that’s what you learned…


BUT (you argue with yourself) you love going all in, you really don’t want to back off.


Ohhh but your fears do. Your fears think you are being bat-shit crazy for going for it all at once.


Who wins?


Which part of you wins this battle?


If you have the tools, the support and the mindset to work through it…


Your soul’s desires will win every time.


You will be able to work through your fears and come out on the other side, every single time.


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