Why are you resisting?

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2019

Why do we resist doing the things that serve us?


Sometimes the fear-based mind wants so badly to keep you from growing that it comes up with everything in the book to keep you from your new habits. The same habits that you know will serve you, that you desire, that will feel good but there is a part of you that’s screaming, ohhht nooo, we aren’t doing that. Doing that isn’t safe, what we are currently doing is safe, not that new version of me. Nope, that’s not safe.


It’s telling you:

I just need more sleep.

I just need to get over this cold first.

I just need my family to leave, then I’ll start.

I’ll sit on the couch watching TV just for tonight, tomorrow night will be different.

I’ll feel better tomorrow.

It’s not the right time.

It’s too expensive.


This is when you use some force. This is when the kick in the ass to do the thing that you will know will serve you and get you to the next level. You force the action when your fears are telling you to stay still.


Not moving is safe but it’s not what you really want. It’s not what your soul wants.


Not showing up to your full potential is literally the most frustrating place to be. It creates stress, anxiety, and judgements.


When we go all in there is an ease and flow. This happens after the temper tantrum! This happens after you’ve forced the action. The ease and flow is after the action.


Going all in is actually easier than staying stuck! Obviously more fun but you knew that!


An object in motion stays in motion. Get moving. Get your a$$ fully in the game. You are dying to play. It takes way more energy to hold yourself back.

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