Why aren't you going bigger?

Uncategorized May 02, 2019

What’s holding you back from going BIG in your business?

Are you telling yourself you don’t know what that would look like? That you don’t know how to go bigger?

Are you telling yourself that you need to get more experience, clients, followers, etc and then you will go bigger?

You give out mixed energy by saying you want the successful business but don’t show up as the successful business owner…

Your level of commitment to your business shows in the actions you take (or don’t take…)

My clients show up big in their businesses and they get results. Tripling income, five figure months, running retreats, getting invited to speak at conferences across the US. One or more of those speaks to you, doesn’t it?!

Going bigger doesn’t mean more time. Higher level of commitment doesn’t mean less time for you and your family. It also doesn’t mean more stress.

Going bigger is the only way to satisfy your desires, your soul is calling for it. Let’s do it! I’m taking applications for my VIP Mastermind (1:1 coaching and all access to yours truly, with a community component too) for the whole month of May. I’ll be sharing more as the month progresses. Message me to apply.

Qualifications: You must have already launched your business and are making at least 4 figure months. You have a STRONG desire to focus on the inner work. You are obsessed with healing and mindset work. AND your vision/goals for the year are so big they scare you a bit!!

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