Why do You Listen to the Coaches/Experts/Mentors Who are Telling You What You are Doing Wrong?

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2019

Why do you listen to the coaches/experts/mentors who are telling you what you are doing wrong?


I know one big reason, do you?!


Because it speaks to those parts of you that are used to this language. There is a comfort in this approach.


This is the language that you speak to yourself with at times, isn’t it?


You have been harsh, biting, even critical, at times.


And it speaks to that part of you that is trying to figure out what is the missing cog. To figure out why things haven’t come together yet.


NOTE: I want to be very clear, I am not criticizing styles of messaging. I really enjoy a few mentors who write VERY strongly in their messaging. I see the value. AND I have been sooo curious around why it garners so much attention.


I was noticing, with curiosity, that my messaging is often in a different vein.


It has been natural but I can't say that I was consciously choosing more gentle over anything else, it just felt right. I always share the words that channel through me.


When I dove into it, it’s really because my clients tend to be their own worst critics, myself included!


They don’t need me adding to it. They desire a new record.


My, now VERY conscious, mission is to help you change that record even before you start working with me!


To create a new record that plays in your head!

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