You Are Creative

Uncategorized May 23, 2019

The quickest way to squash your creativity is to believe because someone else (did, said, created, thought) it you shouldn’t.

You could argue,

Everything’s been said before.

Everything has been offered before.

It’s not true but it FEELS that way when are holding these beliefs

Have you ever had an idea for a piece of content and then remembered so and so already shared that idea before? I sure have! If you are like me, you pretty much have a photographic memory and remember EVERYTHING you read (and you read A LOT!) so there’s always someone’s article that had a similar topic.

This paralyzed me from sharing in the beginning.

I couldn’t tap into my own message. There was nothing.

I was so paralyzed and unable to create, that I did the thing I was afraid of doing on my own and I bought a DFY packet of FB group posts!! Because someone else surely can do it better than me! Gasp, Gag, and Eyeroll… It was so awful; I knew right away how out of alignment it was for me.

The fear of copying feels so legit, doesn’t it?

The fear of being judged not-original is strong.

This is the leap. No one has said what you are saying with your energy, your vibe, your words.

Let yourself be inspired and share your message from that inspired space.

If you need support breaking free of the fear and judgement so that you can tap into your soul’s message, reach out and DM me to talk more.

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