You Are Different

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019

You are different.

You realize that don’t you?

Because I didn’t for the longest time.


You are a natural leader.


You’ve always been meant to change the world.

I thought everyone had these dreams.


I thought everyone heard these whispers.


I thought everyone wanted to go big.


I thought every person I talked to must also want similar things as I did.


Here’s an example (don’t get mad at me for this one), I couldn’t believe that there were women who actually desired to stay at home, like, I really didn’t believe that was their true desire!


I know, that’s crazy, but it was so far from my calling that I couldn’t conceive of it. I really believed that they were just doing what they thought they ‘should’, doing it to save money on daycare, or even because it was better than staying at their job but definitely not because it was a true desire.


I really believed that they just had to have same desires as me, becoming a leader, creating a big impactful business, and going big. I thought they just wouldn’t let themselves admit it.

Now here’s the really obvious piece. A couple things were going on… At that time, I didn’t realize how different my goals were from the general population AND I was projecting my experience of not fully giving my dreams a voice. I tried to push away the desires so I assumed everyone else was the same (now I do think our society does do this often even if it doesn’t have to do with starting a business).

I get it now.


I’m different.


You are different.


We are different.

We want different things for our lives than the masses.

Step into the fullest expression of your desires.

Much Love,


It’s my birthday month and I have a really BIG present for you!


This is my favorite way to celebrate with you.


It’s the only time of year that you get a discount on my private 1:1 coaching.


AND it gets even better bc you’ve been asking for this for months and I’m ready to do it!!


Drumroll please….






QUANTUM LEAP IN 12 - where you rewire the record playing in your head in 12 weeks so you can unleash the powerhouse you’ve always been.


You get the same access to me that my VIP clients have!!!


QUANTUM LEAP IN 12 is for you because you know you are meant for more. You know are here to change the world. You know you are meant to be a leader. You know you are meant to be known.

You watch other leaders and wonder why you aren’t there yet.

Maybe you are even like me and when you attend events with those “ahead” of you in business, you think “I could totally do that”. Followed by, “Why am I not doing that?”

And for me, “It’s done, I’m doing that tomorrow.”

Your reality isn’t yet matching up with your dreams and you feel stuck in creating that next step in linking them together.

But you are so damn sure that dream life is yours.

You know there is room to uplevel your mindset and beliefs, there is always room to grow and that in itself is exciting.

You have the awareness of your limiting beliefs but you don’t know what do with them (aka how to make them go away!!)

And you want to adopt these new expansive beliefs but you struggle to fully embody them.

You know you are meant to be energized by your entire life from family, to business to health but again it’s not all coming together with ease and flow like you’d like.

You know I get you. Because I was you. I can teach this work because I was the queen of limiting beliefs and fear based thinking (even in my success).

That’s right, I know you. You are a successful person. Before you got into this work, you didn’t believe there was anything limiting about the way you thought and perceived the world. This personal growth work has opened your eyes to a whole new world!!

Let’s be clear. This high-level work is only for the truly committed.

This is only for leaders.

This is only for the ones who ready to show up bigger than ever before.

It is only for those who are ready NOW, for those that are frickin done with playing small.

I mean if you are still reading this, it’s for you and you knew it before you even got to the details. Didn’t you?!

So the only question is, are you going to leap? Or are the fears and excuses going to hold you back?


Message me to apply and get any questions answered.

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