You Can Always Make an Aligned Decision When You do This

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2019

You’ve heard how important it is to connect your goals to your deeper WHY, right?

Did you know that you can do this with every decision you make?

This coupled with your intuition, creates soul led decision making at its highest level.

Here’s an example.

You are considering launching a new program in your business or maybe even shifting directions. (or anything else that resonates with you, hiring a coach, outsourcing, quitting your job, etc)

Should you? Is it the right time? Is it the right move?

If you don’t have a strong intuitive read and you are asking yourself these questions, here’s what you do.

You ask a few different questions.

What sparked this idea? What energy created the idea?

Were you in a place of comparison and ‘I should’? Or did you think of it from a place of inspiration and excitement?

This in itself lets you know if you it was a soul-led or fear-led idea.

If you can answer that easily, BOOM! You are done and now have clarity! Easy Peasy!

If you still aren’t clear, ask yourself -

If I do ____, then I will feel ____.

Sometimes we confuse the fear that comes with doing something new or bigger than you ever have before with it being out of alignment.

These feelings are different. Do you know how to identify the feeling in your body when something is out of alignment vs you being scared to step out in that way?

Honing in on this awareness, discernment, will make all the difference in the world for your decision making and following your soul map.

You can’t ever make the wrong decision or take the wrong path so there isn’t any reason for stress and worry about getting it right.

AND I believe stringing more and more soul led actions together gets you to where you want to go much faster!

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