You Want More

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

The struggle, plays out like this:


You’ve created the business, you’ve built your career, nurtured your family, 


And you are still unsatisfied.


And that makes you feel ungrateful.


Which is a lovely little cycle, right?!


You’ve created so much but you still have worries and doubts that even your friends and family don’t understand.


They think, How can you worry about money when you…


Own a beautiful home

Saving for retirement 

Go on vacations


They think, How can you feel like you haven’t done enough when you’ve accomplished…


This career

This business 

This family 

This accomplishment 


They admire what you have in your life so they don’t understand your feelings of dissatisfaction.


They don’t understand why you want more in your life.


You stop sharing them bc they don’t understand you.


But the internal dialogue in your mind doesn’t stop.


The worries don’t stop.


The feelings of anxiety, judgement, and frustration don’t go away.


You feel like you are on a roller coaster.


You feel alone.


You are not alone.


So many of us can relate to this same struggle.


The struggle will release when you really truly admit what you want.


I ask my clients this all the time, “What do you want?”


You get to have your life exactly as you desire.


You get to have more.


You get to feel joy, ease, peace in everything you do.


Life gets to be everything you desire.


You are in the top 10% already by admitting you want more!


Surround yourself with those of us who get it.

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