Your Words and Your Energy

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2019


Years ago, if you had told me I had fear and anxiety I would have vehemently disagreed.

I would have agreed to worry and stress. Those were the words I associated with.

Those were normal.

Everyone has stress and worry so I can admit to those. (my unconscious thoughts)

It’s fascinating how using the ‘right’ words allow your clients to hear you!

And at the same time, I will argue that it’s your energy above all that allows them to hear you.

Words are powerful.

The thoughts and feelings that bubble up with your words.

Words evoke different feelings depending on your experience, depending on your client’s experience.

I absolutely love the combination of energy and words.

Create a powerful intention for the impact of your energy and your words.

How will you share your energy and word today?

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