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This is going to be a bit different than the usual post. I am going to walk you through an easy exercise to instantly boost your confidence. This can be used for any experience in which you would like to feel more confident.

We all have areas we would like to be more confident, right? Before we start, what specific event, activity, or act would you like to have more confidence? Think of something specific before you read on.

Got it? Let’s dive in.

What does confidence mean to you? Where do you feel confident in your life? Stop for a moment, list all the areas where you embody confidence. Now pick one of those examples where you feel the most confident. Got it?

Bring that experience into your body right now.

How does it feel?

Where do you feel confidence in your body? Where does it feel the strongest?

Make note of all the sensations.

Feel into how you feel in your body when you are confident.

Start to amplify that feeling, grow it so the feeling gets even stronger.

Hold these feelings and emotions in your body as we transition to the next step.

What was the area you identified at the beginning, remember the area you desire more confidence?

Imagine yourself stepping into that example with all the confidence you were just feeling.

You have collapsed time and you now have the confidence you desire in this area.

What do you believe about yourself now?

How does it feel to now be confident in this area? Pretty great, huh?

What do you notice about yourself that is different now?

Visualize yourself moving through this activity, how do you carry yourself?

Perfect, great job. Now you have a powerful knowing and way of being to take into action.

Comment below to share what came up for you, your feelings of confidence and the action you are now taking with 10x more confidence.

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