Inspirational Quotes Made Me Roll My Eyes.

Uncategorized May 15, 2018

Inspirational quotes used to make me roll my eyes.

OH $h1t!! I can’t believe I am sharing this with you. I’ve wanted to, but the fear of judgement had kept me silent. I was afraid you’d think I was cold. You’d think, how disconnected was she? You’d think, there is no way I could work with someone like that… She’s not inspirational.

Any of these thoughts familiar to you as you get ready to share vulnerably?

And in spite of those thoughts, this is what I believe. And my belief is stronger than my fear.

If you are reading this you are my people.

If you are my people, you get and you too are releasing judgements.

If you are my people you will love and resonate with me even more if I share this with you.

Here’s the truth, I have done a monumental amount of inner work over the past 6 years. My mindset, perceptions, spirituality, physical health… You name it and I’ve worked on it!

And to be even more honest, because I am so completely committed to my work, I have made quantum leaps in these past years.

I don’t say that I’m a new person but actually more and more of my highest, truest self. I’m okay if some people think I’m unrecognizable. I take it as a compliment.

So back to the inspirational quotes.

I had such a fixed mindset and my heart was so numb that inspiration landed on deaf ears (and heart).

And here’s the other thing. If you had confronted me on it back then, I would have stubbornly debated my point, argued until you gave up, and would have shared all sorts of ‘logical’ reasons.

If you had questioned my ability to feel, to connect with my feelings. I would have shared all the ways I used to get angry, hurt, the pain. I was deeply connected to the pain.

I was living in a very small spectrum of emotions and connection.

Is this making sense to you? It can be hard to explain in words, so imagine you are jumping into my body and feeling it as you read.

I was not a miserable looking person. And, of course, would have defended it by counting the smiles and laughs if you had questioned my happiness.

No. We are talking about just living on the surface, just the itty bitty roots, like carpet verses the tree with deep, penetrating roots connecting powerfully to her source.

Life was about day to day living

  • Work
  • Weekends
  • Career
  • Bacations
  • To Do’s
  • Goals – always planning what was next
  • Etc

Deep connection was only fleeting and my soul was calling for more. The first few years of my personal growth journey were slow, stumbling and creating a foundation. Health was my doorway and it opened me up to a world of so much more.

Is this at all where you thought we were going?!

Hang on. Keep reading.

Each step I took towards listening to my body, upleveling my habits, allowed me to follow my soul’s calling more and more.

Fast forward to today and I’m living a dream. No joke, life is better than I could have ever imagined. And I don’t care one bit how cliché that sounds. It’s the truth.

AND there is so much more to open up to still.

I see inspiration in EVERYTHING!

I LOVE high vibe quotes!

I see, know and feel the difference living and expressing from this space makes in the world. Would you like more of this in your life too?

It’s available to you and everyone else. I promise.

Stay tuned for more details on how I created this shifts in mine and my clients lives.

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