Too Much

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2018

You have so much to share with the world. When you are living your greatness, others can do the same.

There is no such thing as too much.


What is the thing you are holding back on doing or being? I will do ___ when I’m successful.


I will be able to be a leader when I know more.


I will be able to show up this way once I’ve made ____ dollars.


I will be _____ (this kind of leader) when I’m known.


These thoughts might not even be conscious, they are probably living just below in your unconscious.


I can be bold, flashy, and fancy when I am known for something but right now I’m just regular so I need to act regular.


No more, FK that!


The only way to get there is to show up more and more as yourself every day.


You are different. You haven’t ever been meant to fit in. Not with the other 99% of the population anyway.


You do fit in but it’s with the 1%, probably less than 1%, of us who are true leaders. Who have gone all in. Who have not only improved their current reality but shattered through to new heights and created their own reality.


This is the stuff that lives in the hearts and dreams of many but so few act. So few actually create it. You know you are called to this, on some level you’ve known your whole life.


And it’s now clear what your purpose is and what your gifts to this world are.


But until you let out the true leader, your people will find others to follow.

Today, in this moment, we are releasing all beliefs around how you are ‘supposed’ to show up in this world.

Releasing all the childhood stories that tell you:

You can’t say that

You shouldn’t wear that

You can’t do that

You shouldn’t want that

That’s not responsible

That’s not safe

That’s not for our family

These stories created your way of showing up, shaped your decisions, and created the meaning you make about your life and the world.


They have served you in some ways and limited you in others

Now is the time. Now is your time. No longer do you have to live by any of these constraints.

Break the chains and free yourself. I PROMISE you will feel lighter. You will feel brighter. And you will feel the peace and joy you have been consciously and unconsciously searching for in the wrong places.

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