You Are Creative

Uncategorized May 23, 2019

The quickest way to squash your creativity is to believe because someone else (did, said, created, thought) it you shouldn’t.

You could argue,

Everything’s been said before.

Everything has been offered before.

It’s not true but it FEELS that way when are holding these beliefs

Have you ever had an idea for a piece of content and then remembered so and so already shared that idea before? I sure have! If you are like me, you pretty much have a photographic memory and remember EVERYTHING you read (and you read A LOT!) so there’s always someone’s article that had a similar topic.

This paralyzed me from sharing in the beginning.

I couldn’t tap into my own message. There was nothing.

I was so paralyzed and unable to create, that I did the thing I was afraid of doing on my own and I bought a DFY packet of FB group posts!! Because someone else surely can do it better than me! Gasp, Gag, and Eyeroll… It was so awful; I knew right away how out of...

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Express Yourself

Uncategorized May 22, 2019

Often there is talk a lot about society boxing us in, defining who we can or cannot become.


Let’s turn that around and back to ourselves for a moment.


How are YOU boxing yourself in?


If I like this that means this.


If I like this than I can’t also be into this.


If I’m this kind of coach it means this.


If I want that it means this about me.

Here’s just a few of my truths that don’t fit into any box.

I love luxury hotels AND backpacking through the woods for days.


I love getting all dressed up AND live in jeans and athletic gear most of the time.


I am crunchy all natural AND use chemicals!


I have a strong right brain and strong left brain.


I love flow AND hustle.


I am an introvert AND love performing/presenting/being in front of people.


I love some good data AND could rely only on my intuition.


So many times your box is actually self inflicted. Where are you...

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I Bet You Are Bad at This

Uncategorized May 21, 2019

If you are a high achieving, successful driven person, which of course you are because you are here in this space with me and that’s the only kind of person that hangs out here, then you are probably really bad at this…


You are probably pretty bad at celebrating your accomplishments.


You meet the goal and it’s like, okay I did that, now what’s next?!


Maybe you are saying in your head, ‘No I’m not! I have been working on this and I celebrate my wins!’


But do you really celebrate the little things or just the big ones?


I signed a new client.


I hit 5 figure months.


I made it to 6 figures.


I spoke on stage.


These are the big ones, I bet you have a long list of things that you could have celebrated on your way to those accomplishments.


How many times have you been afraid to do something but then once you did it, you said ‘That’s not such a big deal… Everyone...

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Get in the Game

Uncategorized May 20, 2019

It’s time to get in the game.


The game of life.


Get in FULLY and COMPLETELY in it.


All in - heart and soul.


You gotta stop letting your dreams and your desires fizzle away because they scare you.


You gotta stop floundering around all messy and unfocused.


And you gotta get high level, kick a$$ support.


It’s a non negotiable. Period.


I’ll be sharing what I learned when I took a 3 month break from having high level support in my life. 3 months without a coach and how that compared to my previous 3 years of always having a mentor at my side.


You don’t want to miss this!! It’s going to be an EPIC training! I’ll be going live on my FB page, date/time TBD so give me your absolute favorite GIF or emoji below if you want to be tagged when it happens!

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Strengthening Your Foundation

Uncategorized May 17, 2019

What do you need to deepen your belief that what you desire is for you?

What do you need to do today to strengthen that knowing?

What will give you that boost into action? (especially the action you’ve been holding back)

Are you really frickin clear how to shift your vibe? This is key. Knowing how to tap into that part of you that already believes.

Do you have a rock-solid foundation? Your foundational beliefs about how the world works, how you get to interact with the world and what’s available to you will shape your experience.

You can still create success but you will be stuck in an endless unfulfilling cycle, striving for more and more without changing your inner experience (your levels of joy, peace, happiness)

A strengthened foundation + your already badassery, get shit done self = exponential growth and fulfillment.

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Holding Space

Uncategorized May 16, 2019

Powerful session with a client today.

You are not meant to solve anyone else’s problems.

That’s not what you are here for.

You are not meant to carry the weight of anyone’s burden.

You can hold massive, powerful space for them without taking on the weight of their burden.

It’s completely false that you taking it on will make it lighter for them.

Picture it this way, you are each carrying the heavy bolder now; the bolder duplicated and did not shrink. Now you are both tired and in need of support.

You absolutely cannot do someone else's work for them. It’s their journey. Their “mistakes” to make – those mistakes are the only way for their growth, learning and change.

Be there for them, cheer them on, support them but don’t pick up their bolder.

You aren’t selfish when you show up this way. You are modeling strength and boundaries. You are also sharing the belief that you have in someone else to succeed.

Taking away their...

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Your Perceptions Shape Your Life

Uncategorized May 15, 2019

All the strategies

All the goals met

All the money made

Will not change your experience of life until you change the lens that you see life through.

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Uncategorized May 14, 2019

The ‘How’ of mindset – YOU ARE SOOOO READY FOR THIS, I KNOW IT!!

You know you want to shift your beliefs around yourself and what is possible for you but you get stuck in HOW to actually do it.

You’ve already up’d your baseline AND you know there’s more.

You have moments of embodying this version of you and those moments are getting longer and stronger AND you know there’s more available to you.

You get stuck on that the little voice that doesn’t always think very positive, has fears, has doubts and worries. You don’t really know what to do with that part of you BC forcing affirmations on it doesn’t seem to work!!

You are ready to FULLY unapologetically embody the high level, spiritual business woman you know you are inside and out.

You are done chasing business strategies and promised money goals

The shifts you need are small but will make a HUGE impact.

They are far from difficult but it does require your commitment and...

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Uncategorized May 13, 2019

The flow I felt last night as I drifted off to sleep is gone. I can’t find the words, yet last night it was all flowing through me. In the daylight it’s stuck, the message is hiding, afraid.

It’s like my fear knows, it’s safe at night. She won’t take action at midnight. But in the daylight, we must hide that connection to soul, keep it from coming to fruition. Overwhelm her with fear and attachment. Flood her with all the reasons why not.

And here I sit, very conscious and aware to this all happening. Unable to create the shift in the moment. So what do I do, I write. I write this. I write what I’m feeling in the moment, not after I’ve created the breakthrough to share. Now. In the depths of feeling down. In the place of impatience for my growth. In the judgement of my mood.

This is honest sharing. This is transparency. This is showing the whole journey.

It won’t last, there is a part of me that knows. And I feel better already in this...

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The Fear of Rejection

Uncategorized May 10, 2019

Fear of the no.


Fear of rejection.


It keeps you from even reaching out.


Keeps you from trying.


Keeps you from going all in.


Keeps you from wanting.


Keeps you from going for more.


You think it feels easier to live in the possibility vs risk the disappointment.


That it’s easier to keep your dreams locked up.


But it’s not actually easier on you.


It’s killing your soul to live this way.


Release the desires.


Release and unleash your power.

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