The Hollywood

Uncategorized May 09, 2019

Get ready for this share!! If this doesn’t have you laughing, then just leave now! You are not meant for this tribe! LOL

I’m going to tell you how getting my legs, underarms and full on brazilian waxed ALL AT ONCE totally represents how I do life and business! (and what I desire for you)

Soooo, I’ve never had anything except my eye brows waxed before. I’ve been wanting to try it out, hadn’t yet made it a priority. Then, a new place opens up minutes from my house, AND one of my clients mentions it in a session… Of course I’m like, YES I see the signs!

Instead of trying out one small area and seeing how it goes, I go all in! Literally dive into the deep end head first. What’s the point if you don’t, right?! I mean, I just waxed off 90% of my body’s hair!!! Let me tell you, IT WAS INTENSE!

(The verdict’s still out on whether or not this will become a thing for me or not… but don’t worry, my client has...

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Conscious Living

Uncategorized May 08, 2019

Take yourself out of automatic reactions and bring yourself into conscious choices that are in complete alignment with your higher self. This is the path for growth and expansion.


For change to happen, you have to be thinking, doing and believing differently than you do right now.


This doesn’t have to be hard but it does take your commitment. And your desire. And your willingness to show up differently, question the status quo.

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Your Patterns Want to Win so Badly

Uncategorized May 07, 2019

You decide you are ready for a change, even excited about it. So excited about showing up differently!


And yet, the next chance you have to shift the way you show up comes and goes...

The pattern wins out again, the very next time you had a chance to practice you defaulted to old ways.

You probably were even aware as you were doing it, too! F!! Not again, I decided, I claimed it would be different, I committed so why was u not able to change?!

Right?! You know you’ve done this!

You want everything to be different because you decided, period and done. You aren’t very patient. A characteristic that serves you well AND bites you in the arse!

Sometimes, just the act of claiming it is all that’s needed. Other times it’s not.

Reserve your judgement. You know it, the judgement about not changing, shifting and transforming fast enough. You want it all and you want it all now.

AND at the same f’ing time you know you didn’t show up differently today......

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What's your net value?

Uncategorized May 06, 2019

Do you know what your net value is?

Do you know your numbers? In business and personal?

You can’t wait for the numbers to become what you desire and THEN start paying attention! It doesn’t work that way!

The opposite is true too, if you are focused on what you haven’t achieved or haven’t created, your energy will be in lack.

You must respect, honor and attend to your current flow of money to expand into more.

Have a high level of consciousness when it comes to where your money flows.

Do you know where your money is invested? For many years, I didn’t. It was invested in whatever fund was recommended by our financial planner. I didn’t even think about the fact that some of those funds might not agree with my values…

It’s all an evolution. Prior to a couple years ago, I was attending to our money on a surface level. Now we are in the process of aligning ALL of our investments, consciously choosing where ALL of our money goes, companies,...

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Thoughts, Behaviors, Reactions

Uncategorized May 03, 2019

Over the next few days, tune into the behavior around you.

Observe it. Get curious.

We, humans, are fascinating! Aren’t we?!

Watch the patterns, the reactions, the emotions.

It’s so complex and so simple at the same time.

Now spend the day hypervigilant about your behaviors, your thoughts, your words, your reactions, your emotions, your actions. Notice it all, take note. You are going to learn A LOT, even if you are already extra tuned in.

This is where change starts. This is key if you want to start having different results in your life. It all starts here. Are you ready to start challenging most everything you believe about how life works?

Are you ready to do the work so that you can embody those expansive beliefs that you hear all the high level mentors sharing?! Do you want support in HOW to do this?

I will walk you through the HOW of mindset, deep healing releases, full embodiment of your dream life. Message me for details (VIP 1:1 work and a 5 figure investment).


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Why aren't you going bigger?

Uncategorized May 02, 2019

What’s holding you back from going BIG in your business?

Are you telling yourself you don’t know what that would look like? That you don’t know how to go bigger?

Are you telling yourself that you need to get more experience, clients, followers, etc and then you will go bigger?

You give out mixed energy by saying you want the successful business but don’t show up as the successful business owner…

Your level of commitment to your business shows in the actions you take (or don’t take…)

My clients show up big in their businesses and they get results. Tripling income, five figure months, running retreats, getting invited to speak at conferences across the US. One or more of those speaks to you, doesn’t it?!

Going bigger doesn’t mean more time. Higher level of commitment doesn’t mean less time for you and your family. It also doesn’t mean more stress.

Going bigger is the only way to satisfy your desires, your soul is...

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Soul Level Communication

Uncategorized May 01, 2019


That you don’t need to hear my words today, you need to feel the space I’m holding for you.

The safest, most expansive space you can imagine.

The space that envelopes you into comfort and at the same time catapults you forward to your next level.

It’s not about the words, it’s about the feeling that the words evoke.

It’s never about the words. The words are just one mode of sparking the feelings.

The words can even be limiting at times.

Tune in with all your senses.

That’s where the gold lies.

Your heart doesn’t need words.

My heart is sending this message, through energy.

With much more breadth of vocabulary than our words could ever convey.

Just as your heart is communicating with mine.

Soul level connection.

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Uncategorized Apr 30, 2019



We talk about these a lot.


I believe in following your soul lead desires.


I had a few question this… not believing all desires are ‘good’


Now, I believe that soul lead desires are never wrong, always for us, always available to us.


The defining piece is SOUL LEAD.


Those of you that believe following your desires will result in some sort of bad happening, are talking about something different from desires.


You are thinking of impulses, distractions, fear based thoughts. Futile attempts to patch a symptom verses addressing the root cause.


These thoughts come to you much differently.


They also feel much differently.


It’s key to practice discernment.

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The Game of Life

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2019

Your thoughts and your energy determine your experience in this world.


Your expectations will literally always be met.


Do you know and understand the universal laws?


They are either consciously or unconsciously ruling your life and your experiences.


The law of attraction gets the most lip service but it’s not the only one.


Understanding, practicing, embodying these practices will give limitless access to your desires.


This takes your dedication.


It takes vigilance to your thoughts.


Healing the fears.


Success is not a game of chance.


It’s yours, but only if you show up and play the game.


Let’s play the game together!


Message me to apply for a VIP spot, working 1:1 with me for 12 months.

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What Type of Employee were You?

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2019

I have observed that really great employees have a harder time with the transition to entrepreneurship. Those that have embraced their rebel side for longer get into the flow sooner.


The sooner you embrace your inner desire to rebel, to do your own thing, to be different, break out of the box, the sooner you will find your place.


When I was an employee, I would define myself as a calculated rebel!! I calculated the risks… Where do you fall? What kind of employee were/are you?

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