Are you Disciplined?

Uncategorized Apr 25, 2019

It was late Sunday night as I wrote this after writing Monday’s blog for you.

I just wrote my blog for tomorrow, why? BC I'm committed. I'm committed to both my business and my son (he's off tomorrow). Most importantly, I'm committed to myself. Even though I didn't feel like writing at first, the message always flows. It's always exactly what needs to come through me at the right time. It ALWAYS feels sooooo good afterwards (like sex!! )


So yeah, I had to force myself to start. I could have listened to ALL the excuses but I listened to the part of me that knows, the part of me that knows how I feel after. How I sink into the message being exactly what you need to hear when you read it.

The force or push is so brief, and the rewards are beyond worth it. Push through to create the habits that serve you. If you are thinking, I’ve tried that… it doesn’t work.

I promise you are no different. You are not less motivated than me. AND it’s definitely not...

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Release the Worries

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2019

When you release the worries, the downloads can flow.


The fear based chatter in your brain is clouding out your messages.


Your soul can’t be heard above the worries.


Quiet the worries to unleash your soul.

Journal prompt: If I wasn’t worried about ____, I would ____.

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This is What Matters the Most

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2019

Taking care of yourself is only part of the puzzle. What’s going through the head the other 90% of your day/week?!

Going with the flow


Only focus on the next step

Don’t worry

Don’t over analyze

These don’t always come naturally to me.

They are a conscious choice

I was programmed for rigidly, no mistakes, control, one right way and over planning!!

My natural state is definitely smack in the middle somewhere. And my patterns still fight back occasionally, they were programmed in pretty strongly.

I continually do my work to up-level my patterns, the way I show up, my business. It’s my purpose. Yours too.

The goal is to come back to the truth of who we were always meant to be. Before the fears started running the show.

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Living Your Purpose

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2019

Not everyone is willing to stay in the game.


Like REALLY in the game.


In the growth, pushing against their edges, expanding the boundaries of what’s possible.


You are.


You thrive here.


But it’s not for everyone.


You’ve been called.


This life called you.


You go big.


To share your gifts.


To create massive impact.


To heal old familial wounds so that future generations can expand beyond our growth.


This work isn’t just about you, or your clients, or your business, or anything else you will achieve…


It’s about ALL the generations to come that will be touched and seriously impacted by this inner work and healing we have committed to.


We heal. We release. We expand. We stay in the game because we can’t not.


When you tried to leave before, you felt it… the contraction, the dis-ease, the pull.


Doing THIS work, that’s your...

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You Are Everything

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2019

Do you see yourself as God does?


Can you see yourself in that light?


More importantly, can you feel it?


Your worth. Your value. Your wholeness.

Where do those feelings live in your body?


Where is that knowing the brightest?


Connect with this power inside you.

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It's Time You Started Loving Sales

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2019

So many new entrepreneurs tell me that they wish they could skip the sales and just do their purpose work, I even said the same thing in the beginning! Unfortunately, that’s the definition of an employee not an entrepreneur.

If sales feel like a struggle

If sales feel like a constant drain

If sales feel pushy

You aren’t going to want to do them. You are only going to force yourself to do them when you ‘need’ a client. You are going to resent a HUGE important part of your business. You will energetically repel a lot of clients.

This alone has caused so many to quit. To decide they just didn’t have what it takes. To really believe they weren’t born with the right sales gene!

Our society has created this fear around sales. Look at infomercials, to good to be true deals, the scams, network marketing. The stereotypical used car salesman! LOL! No soulful coach wants to be seen in that category!

But you aren’t! What you offer is real (even if it...

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The Fears are Growing in Your Head

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2019

Do you find it hard to admit your fear-based thoughts out loud?

If I say them out loud they will grow and control.

If I say them out loud it will make my fears true.

If I say them out loud it will hurt even more.

They are locked up in your head, silent but oh so loud…

It’s like miracle grow for them up there, growing and expanding.

The first step in releasing them is to admit them, say them out loud, write them down.

You might feel a sting as they are coming out but I promise there is relief in setting them free.

They grow in the dark depths of your mind and shrivel in the light.

Their grip becomes so weak once outside your head.

PS – If you are ready to be free of your worries message me for 1:1 support.

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This is Your Time

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2019

This is your time.


You were born to be living in this era for a reason.


You have unique desires that are meant to be expressed now.


You are meant to be part of this conscious shift with your purpose.


Only you can do what you do the way you do it.


But it has to be unleashed.


YOU have to unleash it, over and over again.


You have to go all in.


You have to show up.


You have to do the inner work.


You have to be more you than you ever have before.


It’s your responsibility.


It’s your calling.

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Your Beliefs

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2019

Your work is in cultivating an unwavering belief that you can achieve what you desire.

When this is your truth, all the obstacles melt away.

Holding this belief in your core will eliminate worry, stress, anxiety, fear. All the contractive feels.

You get to live in flow, in knowing, in certainty.

Your success relies on your beliefs.

The story you believe about yourself (not the one you want to believe, but the one you actually believe.)

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Answer This One Question Today!

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2019

What longings are you ignoring?


Take time to answer this today.

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