Are You Really Being ALL You?

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2019

I’m not really modest, just learned that was the ‘right’ way to show up.

I like attention (the right kind, of course! ^^^ see the connection!!).

I’m not shy just a strong introvert.

I like spending money on things that aren’t practical.

Just a few things I’ve sunk deeper into over the past year.

What are yours? Pieces of who you are that have been buried for so long that you aren’t sure what is you and what isn’t.

Shed the layers that have covered you for so long.

Uncover the real you, the one not determined by how you learned to show up and live in this world.

Rebel against these old constraints. They weren’t every you anyway!

Where are you showing up in a certain way because you think you should? That it’s the right thing to do.

I was a master of convoluting myself to fit into the box, it’s what made me a star student then star employee. I prided myself for following the rules, showing up the way they wanted me...

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I Have Your Magic System for Success

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2019

There is no magic formula for success.

There is no exact 3 step process to heal.

And there are a million ‘how to’ guides shared every year.

And they have worked for millions of people.

So knowing this, how can I say there isn’t a system to success?

Well, I did and I stand by it! It’s not about the system.

But maybe you are thinking, I had amazing results with (fill in the blank) system...

Here’s why so and so’s system worked for you, because you decided it would, because you believed it would work for you, you believed in yourself to make it work, and you showed up and did the work.

It wasn’t all about the actual steps, it was about your beliefs and commitment.

And here’s the next piece, if you pick a mentor that your soul has connected you to, them their system is probably the right fit for you for the season you are in!

Because you are wired similarly.

Because they were brought to your consciousness for a reason.Because I’m the one you...

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Do you know how to be coached?

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2019

Do you know how to be coached?

Do you know how to enter into a mentor/mentee relationship so that you get the absolute most out of it?


These are key when you invest in high level mentorship.


It’s not always natural for a leader to know how to show up vulnerably in this type of relationship.


And it doesn’t always feel good to stay in the stretch and growth. Your critter brain wants to pull you back towards your patterns.


You have to be willing to stay in it, in the discomfort to get to the other side.


You have to be really honest and willing to share the fears and record that plays in your head.


That used to be REALLY hard for me so I get it.


I primarily work with my clients to shift their mindset.


The thoughts that run through their head 24/7, this impacts everything!


My clients come to me with a level of awareness that their habitual thought patterns are no longer serving their needs/goals/desires but are...

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Stress with Money Isn't Going to Change Unless

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2019


Your stress around money will feel the same no matter how much you have in the bank.

More money is not going to make you FEEL any differently.

More money will not change the fears that are at your core.


Unless you address the root cause. Go to the source of those feelings. Heal the fears.

Grow the faith and trust.

Grow your belief that you will be safe and supported.

For sure, your desire for more money is not bad in any way. You deserve more money just because you are you. But be clear that this is NOT a solution to fix the feelings.


Address the root of the feelings.

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What You Need to Make It

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2019

You will make it if:

-          You have support

-          Don’t give up

-          Learn to love the process

That’s it, that’s all you need. That’s all it takes. Everything else is inside you right now.


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Uncategorized Apr 02, 2019

You must decide.

All the intentions and meditations and aspirations in the world won’t get you there, unless you make the decision that you are going for it.

This is key.

Here’s a simple example, I had been talking about the things I wanted to change about our house for a few years. I desired the change but hadn’t made it a priority.

More recently, I felt that it was time, it became a priority.

I DECIDED it was going to happen. I didn’t know how or exactly when but I started taking the first steps of choosing what I wanted, getting quotes, and finally hiring and scheduling the work to be done.

This would have stayed a pretty Pinterest board for years if I hadn’t taken a stand and said, “This is going to happen.”

Decide it’s going to happen. And take the first step towards making it a reality.

PS – I’ll share be sharing the remodel reveal soon!!


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The Answer is SURRENDER

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2019

You feel the anxiety welling up in your body. You feel it’s grip taking over.

You’ve done your work, so you notice it quickly and know the strategies to relieve yourself of these feelings but they aren’t working. You keep dropping back into overwhelm.

The fear and worry is so strong you can’t fully engage in the helpful strategies. It feels like it’s running the show again. You are double frustrated, frustrated you feel this way and frustrated you can’t remedy it.

You want to escape so you resort back to numbing, a couple drinks… binge watching reality TV. It works temporarily until you turn the TV off and your brain starts racing again.

You don’t even know exactly what you are overwhelmed about. You have so much to celebrate, so many miracles in your life, so why? “Why can’t I just focus and appreciate those?!” you practically scream at yourself.

You feel out of control, like you can’t tap into your...

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I See Your Highest Self

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2019

I always see your potential.


I actually see everyone in that light, at their infinite potential. Limitless.


Even if you aren’t there yet. I see you not as your human/physical self but as your soul, the purest version of you.

And because of that I always feel where you are holding back.


It is one of my intuitive gifts.


I know in my heart what is possible if you surrender. If you show up for yourself. If you commit. If you allow.


It fires me up when you are allowing your beliefs to hold you back.


I see when you are choosing to believe that it has to be hard or not even possible, when you can’t see yourself as I do.


There are very few that are actually living life on their terms.


Be one of us.


That is my wish for you.


It’s easier than you think.


It takes practice, commitment and support.


I can’t think of a better commitment for you to make to yourself.


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Uncategorized Mar 28, 2019


I just realized my biggest unconscious lingering fear, seriously right before I was going to head to bed on a Friday night. So instead I grabbed my laptop to share it from my soul to yours. I’d been feeling stuck with a couple questions these past couple months. I haven’t been able to identify what is currently holding me back from the next level. There was something there but I hadn’t been able to see it. I know there was a reason and to be totally honest I’ve been avoiding my deeper work, trying to hide the avoidance from myself!! LOL! The things we try to  hide, right!?

I’ve been doing my inner work but not fully, not as deep as I am capable of. And even though it’s not what I want to admit. It’s true. I think we keep ourselves blind to what we aren’t ready to see. But now I’m ready. I have pretty high standards for my growth, deep and quantum. I’ve still been growing and I’ve also avoided the quantum...

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The Power of Choice

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2019

So you arrived at this point in your career or business that everyone aspires for. You did it!

Maybe it’s the dream position in your field, maybe it’s hitting a 6 figures in your business, maybe it’s another achievement that you’ve strove for and others look up to you for achieving.

But you are unsatisfied.

Things have changed and you have new goals and priorities.

You don’t want this ‘thing’ anymore, even though you’ve worked so hard to achieve it.

Guess what?! You have the power to choose.


You always have a choice.

You get to change your mind.

You get to go down a new path if you desire.

Everything that you’ve experienced thus far is learning that you needed for this next phase, so nothing is lost.

This is your life and you are here to live it.

Don’t waste another moment feeling unsatisfied.

You either need to change what you are doing or how you are thinking. Or… maybe a little of both!

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