What is your relationship with money?

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2019


Here’s one of the biggest differences from those in flow with money and those not.

Giving your relationship with money attention, daily.

This IS a relationship. It should not be this set it and forget it thing.

How do you show up in relationships with people you care for? Translate this into your money relationship.

Respecting and attending to the money you are receiving, the money you are flowing outward, giving, etc.

It can be as simple as making payments on time. Attending to your bills as they arrive. Actively managing and participating in your finances. Looking at your account balances consistently. And so on.

Of course, there is a mindset and energy around it too.

Are you using visualizations or affirmations that you don’t really feel?

The whole reason why an affirmation works is when it evokes a feeling. Getting into the energy of the affirmation. Getting into the frequency and vibration of what you want to receive is the important thing. Not the actual...

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You Are Different

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019

You are different.

You realize that don’t you?

Because I didn’t for the longest time.


You are a natural leader.


You’ve always been meant to change the world.

I thought everyone had these dreams.


I thought everyone heard these whispers.


I thought everyone wanted to go big.


I thought every person I talked to must also want similar things as I did.


Here’s an example (don’t get mad at me for this one), I couldn’t believe that there were women who actually desired to stay at home, like, I really didn’t believe that was their true desire!


I know, that’s crazy, but it was so far from my calling that I couldn’t conceive of it. I really believed that they were just doing what they thought they ‘should’, doing it to save money on daycare, or even because it was better than staying at their job but definitely not because it was a true desire.


I really believed that they...

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Uncategorized Mar 06, 2019


This word has been showing up quite often for me. Songs. Other coaches branding. Clothing. Books.

The song, Unstoppable by Sia was playing as I sat down to write this for you.

I’m taking notice. I’m not letting it go unchecked. I am stepping in fully. Are you?

What does unstoppable mean to you?

How would you show up if you believed nothing could stop you?

I imagine it would give you a boost of energy and confidence, right?!

No one and nothing can stop you.

The only thing between where you are today and your desires is you.

And I want you to get out of your own way once and for all!

I want to support you for 12 weeks in a very supportive AND intense container so that you can step more fully into your truth and your power.

Message me to apply or continue to read on for more details.


I will be sending out a special coupon code for only those who are on my email list!!

Much Love, 

It’s my birthday month and I have a really BIG present for...

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I was Grumpy Today but you Helped me Shift out of It

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2019

I’m a bit grumpy today. Not for any particular reason. Just feeling a tad off and my normal motivation hasn’t pulled me out of it yet today.

I’m going to use this blog to create the shift I need and I know it will work. This writing will be totally self-serving, that’s the main reason I write anyways, for me. You are the second reason I write, because I know if I’m going through it or have gone through it than someone else has too.

What do I do to get myself out of a funk? Write, move my body, dance and get outside (if it’s warm! I don’t do cold). Have you ever noticed when you don’t feel like doing anything that doing nothing doesn’t make you feel better?

Your funk is telling you, I don’t feel like doing anything because I’m grumpy.

But if you listen and mindlessly hang out, your mood doesn’t shift. The ‘doing nothing’ doesn’t help at all. The pattern wins. And if you are like me, you just end...

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Symptoms vs Root Cause

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2019

You see this in traditional healthcare all the time.


Treating the symptoms.


Big pharma pushes all these medications that treat symptoms.


BUT so often the root cause of the symptom is never (or very rarely) addressed.


Or here’s another example, someone who is an emotional eater looking for the next diet to lose weight. No. Actually we need to dive into why you choose to binge.


This was me years ago, I used food, alcohol, and even work projects in an attempt to feel more relaxed and fulfilled.


I was treating the symptoms but not the root cause of my dissatisfactions.


And when I finally did share what I was feeling with my GYN, his immediate solution was a mild antidepressant.


Anyway, fast forward many years and I have been addressing root cause successfully with deep healing and mindset work. This inner work has elevated EVERY. SINGLE. area of my life.


This is true for business too.


Let’s all agree to...

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It’s all Coming Together

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2019

It’s all coming together. I can feel it. Even though not much has changed on the outside. It feels differently. This is how I know. I am certain. I am sure. I called it in so of course it is. Done and done. It’s in motion.

All I have to do is continue to expand into myself. More and more.

No more denying my truths. My desires. My fullness.

Knowing that there is always another level doesn’t cause angst any longer.

This is what life is about. The adventure of growth and expansion. It’s why we are here.

Life is meant to be full of joy, adventure, excitement.

Literally everything is happening for you.

Once you adopt these perceptions, LIFE GETS FUCKING AWESOME.

(You guys! I’m not one to swear much, but when I do I mean it!!!)

You start viewing everything around you with a new lens.

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Is Life Happening for you or to you?

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2019

Our home reno has been another growth edge for me. Actually, it’s home reno while my husband was out of town. And now on top of a sick kiddo and sick husband. It’s just life. There will always be things. There will always be room for either excuses or growth. Which do you choose?


I choose growth. Every. Damn. Time.

Ask yourself -


Where can I expand?

Where did stress and worry try to creep back in?

Where am I allowing myself to be supported?

Where am I NOT allowing myself to be supported?

Where can I stand up for my boundaries even more?

This most recent experience triggered my old patterns of not wanting to be ‘high maintenance’.

Do I really believe I can be high maintenance.  Where not listening to needs so that I won’t be perceived as high maintenance.

Boy did I unpack that story! Huge growth edge.

I GET to have things the way I desire. At my high standards. And still be a good, kind, caring person. Those things are not mutually...

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Let's FULLY Drop the Victim Argument

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2019

We all have done it at some point.


I’ve for sure done it.

My clients have done it.

I’ve seen people in group coaching do it.

I’m sure my mentors have done it at some point.

When we argue the belief even though it’s not serving us!!

You know what I’m talking about!

When you are trying to convince me that it really is that bad. Don’t you see it? Don’t you see how my situation is different? No, then you don’t understand. Don’t see how I want it buuuut…

This is when we are arguing our victim status. Arguing hard core to maintain it!! LOL

I think those here have probably done this with vengeance at one time or another, because we are the strong ones. And the strong ones have frickin strong patterns too!

So next time you catch yourself doing this, just get amused!

Celebrate you had the awareness to notice it.

You get to decide how your situation is actually serving you.

And if you can’t make the shift yourself,...

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It's Time

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2019

The Oscars are perfect inspiration. If watching awards shows are your thing. I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch.


Buuuutt I still LOVE all the energy that comes out the days after. It’s palpable. I’m soaking it all up.


Lady Gaga, right?!. They didn’t think she’d do it. And she’s sure had a journey.


The details of your dreams might be different than hers  but it takes the same work to get there.


Faith. Trust. Love, Mindset. Dedication. Commitment.


She is no different than you. Just as I am no different.


Your dreams aka your desires are available to you.


You gotta decide you are going after them. Done and


You gotta decide they are yours. Done and


You gotta get support along the way.  Done and


You gotta believe the same things that a woman who has achieved them believes. Done and


You gotta act like the person who already has achieved them. Done and



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Are you meeting your goals?

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019

We are just shy of 2 months into 2019. Are you meeting your goals for the year?

What about your revenue goals? Are you on track?

If not, do you have clarity on what needs to shift?

Do you recognize where your mindset has room to uplevel?

Are you clear on what steps you need to take to get there?

Do you love all my questions?

But seriously. I know you started off the year with big frickin goals and I want to make sure you are making headway. I want you to succeed.

Or maybe you are like the old me, who didn’t want anything to do with goals with dates attached to them because you fear disappointing yourself or those around you too much. So you loosely claim your goal and kinda believe you have no control if you meet it because you haven’t in the past… sound familiar?

Either side you stand on, I want to support you in both meeting your goals AND making it a heck of a lot more fun along the way.

I only work with the most driven and powerful women who know what they...

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