Feel your Fears

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2019

Do you avoid your fears?

Not do you avoid the things you are afraid of, but do you avoid diving into what’s under the fear?

Do you try to push the fear away?

Try to ignore it?

Do you avoid going there?

Spending time letting those fears wash over us. Really listening. Allowing those parts of us that feel neglected to be heard, to be loved.

It sounds counterintuitive to go where the pain is but that’s HOW you release it’s hold on you.

REALLY going there, feeling all the feels is the answer.

This will quantum leap your healing.

Those scared, worried, anxious parts of you want to feel loved too. Your shadow parts are worthy too.

When you release this heaviness just by listening and feeling, then you can move. Then you can be in action.

And those actions you take from that energy will create so much more you!

You don’t have to do this alone. You were never meant to. This is my specialty. I love shadow and parts work!!

Let yourself be supported. It feels sooo good!

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Learning 'How to' in business

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019

My clients often ask me how I know so much about options for structuring your business!


Here’s the thing. I am a great observer and investigator. I pay attention when I sign up for someone’s email list or sign on for a new program. I notice the structures they use, the programs they use, formats, etc. Just to be clear… this did not mean that I signed up for $h1t I didn’t need. My clients benefit greatly from this skill!


But you can all do it too. I think great coaches are all fabulous observers, so use this skill in noticing how the mentors you look up to show up. Again, just to be clear… this does not mean to compare, use their stuff, copy them. I mean I know you know this but just clarifying!


When I was first starting out I would take a couple hours each month to look into tech platforms that other coaches were using. It also helped me get over the need to have everything perfect and uber professional. I saw high end coaches...

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Let's Quantum Leap This Motha ;)

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2019

You say that you want to quantum leap your life.


But you don’t feel like you know the ‘how’.


Maybe you feel like you’ve already gone all in and didn’t achieve the results you desired so it feels like it’s not actually for you.


Do you feel your fears holding you back from leaping? Maybe that voice is so loud it crowds out your intuition and soul’s guidance.


Or MAYBE you hear your soul but the fear is just telling you how crazy of an idea that is, how you want too much, how other things are a priority first, how, not to go quite that big…


I’ve said it before but this in between place is the hardest place to be. It feels the worst. It degrades your confidence. It eats away at your belief in yourself.


It’s the difference between peer coaching and hiring a mentor who has achieved the results you desire. Now don’t get me wrong, I had some epic peer coaching sessions when I first...

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Uncategorized Feb 02, 2019

Kinda doesn’t exist with abundance. You either believe in it or you don’t.


You either believe you have access to unlimited resources or you don’t.


You either believe in unlimited resources for your clients or you don’t.


Where have you put limitations on abundance?


Have you cultivated an unconscious belief that abundance is available in certain areas of your life but not others?


What does true abundance look like in your life?

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Is this going to be your year?

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2019

Is this going to be your year?


Is this the year that you shift your patterns?


Is this the year that you go all in on your dreams?


You are the only thing between status quo and a quantum leap.


Everything you need is already inside of you right now.


Let’s get all that greatness out into the world, already!


Your experience of life is meant to be completely amazing.


You being completely in love with every aspect of your life is in part how you will change the world.


It’s kinda your job to see the world in the light of possibilities, love and abundance!


Not everyone is called to this level, but you are.


It’s time to fully surrender to your passion and purpose.


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Do you think debt is bad?

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2019

I took out a loan to pay for my mentor in October of 2017. At that point, I’d been working in my business “full time” for almost a year and a half and I hadn’t even made all the money back that I had spent on certifications. AND the investment was more than I had made that year.


I remember telling her I didn’t have the money, which I didn’t. It made logical sense to my brain at the time. Our savings was pretty much nothing. We were getting by but really feeling the pinch of my significant decline in income. On paper it didn’t make any sense to invest that much money. I didn’t feel like I had any evidence that I could do it. Going from a super successful career at one of the best hospitals in the country to struggling was a HUGE ego blow for me. My confidence was at a low. And at the same time, a part of me knew it was exactly what I needed and desired to get to the next level. A part of me also knew that I could get to the 100K...

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Markers of Success

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2019

As I finish my coaching calls for the day, I reflect on what amazing, strong powerful women I get to work with. I set the intention more than a year ago that my clients will inspire me. And they do, time and time again!


They took a risk and invested in a big way and they are reaping the rewards. Their investments, emotionally and financially, represents their commitment to living the life of their dreams. They took a leap and trusted their desires. They are owning their power and making quantum leaps week after week. You can have this experience too…


But, can we get real honest for a moment? How badly do you really want a change? If your words are saying it but your actions are backing it up, you are confusing the universe. You are putting off the ‘come here’ and ‘no, stay away’ vibe at the same time.


All those “logical” reasons for not going all in? It’s just the fear running your life again. And I’m not...

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Don't Let the Fears Win!

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2019

Would you like to know how to quantum leap your life?


Do you want to know HOW to prevent your fears from holding you back?


Do you want to know the secret sauce of success?


I used to believe all kinds of falsities of uber successful people.


One in particular was that they had qualities that I didn’t. And even more importantly would never have. Such as, they were extroverts. They were naturally good at sales. They were risk takers. And so on and so on…


None of it is true. You know you were made for an extraordinary life. That you have these dreams because you will be uber successful too.


So what’s the secret sauce? Action and mindset work.


Those two things combined will create all the success you desire.


Quantum leap your life and your business by acting even when you are afraid.


Do not let another month go by feeling like the fears are winning. I am here to support you through this growth. Maybe you...

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Do you wanna know one of my faults?

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2019

Do you wanna hear one of my faults? One that’s actually one of my superpowers, too! (this idea is really important but not the point today, maybe we will dive into it more next week! But I can’t resist! Most of the time our strengths and weaknesses are the same! The strength is the light expression and the weakness is the same expression but just the other end of the pole, the fear expression) Anyways, back to the point!


My superpower that used to show up as a fault…


I’m guilty of wanting you to succeed more than you do.


I’m guilty of wanting the change you desire more than you do.


This used to really NOT serve me well…


I used to get angry, triggered, when I could see your greatness and you couldn’t.


I would get really frustrated when you didn’t see a way out of your situation.


Then when I started my coaching business, it would really trigger me when I would have a discovery session...

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Life just gets better and better!

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2019

As I lay in bed almost asleep, I’m thinking that I’m sooooo happy.

Life can’t get any better than this.

But no, that’s not true. It can get better...

So then I think...

Life can’t FEEL any better than this. It feels so good!

That sits for a moment and then I think, what if? What if that’s not true either?

3 years ago I couldn’t imagine feeling this amazing. Feeling so aligned, in flow, passionate in all areas of my life.

So I choose to believe that it just keeps getting better.


I’m not available for any less.

Life just keeps getting better and better.

I can support you in having this experience of life, too. It’s not just for me. It’s available to all of us.

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