Do you know how your beliefs are impacting your stress?

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2019

Let’s talk about how the stress and tension you experience is really just an expression of your beliefs.


Here’s how it works…


Something “stressful”or “upsetting” happens in your life. I put quotes around those words purposefully. Our families and society have created all kinds of definitions for stressful events; it’s how we learned what is supposed to stress us out. Typically, the things that stress you out the most are the ones that feel completely out of your control. You feel like you can’t impact the situation the way you desire and this causes a reaction. And we have all kinds of societal norms about the definitions around what are “bad” things that could happen to us; just like we have commonly accepted definitions around the “good” things that could happen.


What if we consider that 99% of the world is actually creating their own stress because of these definitions? What if we...

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Stay the Course

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019

Often when you don’t get the results you desired it’s because you backed off right before the breakthrough. The results were literally on the other side. But you reached a point where you thought you had enough evidence that it wasn’t {going to work out, no one was going to sign up, possible}. Your brain said, “See! I told you this wasn’t going to happen! You got your hopes up about nothing.” Or some similar chain of thoughts.


What if you stayed all in? What if you promoted your offer until the last moment?


What if you kept posting your deepest message even without the likes and comments?


What if you approached your life holding these two beliefs –

1. This result I desire is totally going to happen. I completely trust and have faith that it will.


2. Whatever happens was totally meant to be, is for my greater good and for my growth.


Here’s what happens when we don’t go all in and don’t get...

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There Are so Many Different Ways to 'do' Business

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2019

There are so many different ways to do business. To share content. To structure your programs. To work with clients.


Literally the possibilities are endless. AND this is a great thing!


You get to design your business however you desire!




How much time and energy are you wasting in indecision and “I don’t knows” because there are so many options?


Especially if you are thinking about program structure, sessions, etc and you still have limited experience with clients.




DO first and then evaluate what you like and don’t like.


Just pick something and start.


Simple. Done. No stress. No energy leak.


You’ll tweak it the next time around.


Each round will evolve more and more into your dream business.


And now you can focus on actually creating clients so you can try out your ideas!

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Cultivating Trust in Yourself

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2019

A mentor should always reinforce your ability to listen to your gut. To follow your soul. To hear the whispers.


Anyone who is doing it differently has an agenda or isn’t self aware enough to know what they are doing.


Sure, there are times our fears try to mask themselves as higher guidance but those messages FEEL much differently. Learning to differentiate between the two is also key.


I’m here to strengthen your trust and faith in following YOUR path and no one else’s. You are the only one who really truly knows what is best for you. You are the only one who knows what strategies work for you. You are the only one


The combination of transforming your beliefs while training yourself to tune into your soul’s guidance is pure MAGIC.


We are down to the last few days to join me in Sedona! Are you gonna trust your soul and say YES?! I thought so! Message me now.

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Are you coming to Sedona?

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2019

So I got this REALLY strong hit the other night. It was a powerful, very direct message. I think of these as downloads from God. Usually they come in a bit more vague, but this one was specific and I’m going to share it with you.


Unless you are totally new to me or took a social media hiatus, you know that I’m hosting a powerful retreat for female leaders and entrepreneurs next month. February 10-12th. My message was about this retreat. It was that there are 5 more women who are meant to experience this retreat. They are meant to be a part of our energy. They are meant to work with me in this capacity. And they are afraid to pull the trigger.


I’m trusting that if you are one of these 5 women, you are reading these words and nodding because you know. You know this message is for you. This is your sign from God, translated by yours truly, that it’s time to say yes.


If you’ve never attended an intimate retreat before, then wholly cow!!...

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I'm Just Like You

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2019

Would you believe me if I told you I still want to hide some days?


That I worry about embarrassing myself…


That I have moments where I question if I can actually create the business, impact and life to the fullest of my dreams…


That I have mornings where I choose to go back and snuggle under the safety of my covers…


That I still catch myself in self judgement or focusing on lack…


That I don’t always make choices in line with my highest good…


Yes, all those are me.


There are days, weeks months even that I’m on fire. And there are still these moments too. I’m human and on this journey just like you.

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Where are you numbing out?

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2019

Becoming more and more aware of what you’ve disassociated from and how to work through it is your path to success.


We can numb out on so many different things. sugar, alcohol, Netflix, books, social media, and so on


So many strategies to escape…


They allow us to disconnect from my dissatisfactions.


Who wants to feel more of what they don’t want?! So we try to ignore it, push it away, lie to ourselves that it’s not that bad.


And it probably isn’t THAT bad but it’s an experience of life that you don’t want to be having. It reflects areas in your life that you aren’t living your true dreams.


In the beginning, I didn’t want to face them. I didn’t know how. AND I didn’t know what I would find once I dove in…


So I had to numb them.


This sure as hell didn’t solve anything and for me it lead to consistent binge drinking that was totally socially accepted....

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You have to show up differently

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2019

You can’t get to where you want to go by showing up the same way you are.


You have dreams bigger than the life you are currently living, so to get there you have to start making decisions, being the energy, believing as the person who has already achieved those dreams.


This is not a place to fall into judgement that you’ve been doing it wrong up until now. You’ve been showing up just right to get the results you have currently. And now you want more, so it’s time for the next shift. The next level of growth and expansion.


You can come along kicking and whining or running with open arms! We can embrace the fact that there will always be another level or you can see it as a struggle. I see it as what makes this life fun!

That’s why I’m here on this earth at this exact time. To have a massive impact by modeling fun and success, to model having it all while vulnerably sharing where I still trip up.

If we aren’t growing, we...

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Feeling like a failure

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2019

I know what it feels like to feel like a failure when no one else can even believe that you feel that way.


I know what it feels like to be the one that everyone thinks has it all, but to be an absolute mess in your mind. When you are that girl, no one wants to hear how you are struggling because from their viewpoint you have nothing to be dissatisfied about.


You feel a way that doesn’t seem to align with your outward circumstances. And you feel like an ungrateful, selfish, conceited jerk for feeling down about your life.


You think… Why can’t I just be in gratitude?


You also feel really alone and misunderstood.


You have all the things on the outside.

The body.

The family.

The career.

The money.


You think, what’s wrong with me that I have all these successes and achievements that so many other people are striving for but I want more and I want to FEEL differently?!


It wasn’t even that I had chased after...

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I got this, no I don't...

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2019

Anyone else had a day like this? Or do you feel like it’s been your life… Where you feel yourself ricocheting to and from extremes.


I know exactly what I desire.

Desires? Do I have those?


My life is so fabulous.

This is shit. I’m so far from where I want to be.


I am creating a million-dollar business.

Nope, scratch that I just want to go crawl under the covers.


I know exactly what I’m doing.

I don’t know ANYTHING!


I am clear and quick with my decisions; it’s not possible for me to make a bad choice.

I can’t even decide what to eat for lunch.


I feel my confidence in every cell of my being.

I feel my body vibrating with worry.


I’m a manifesting master.

I’m creating lack.


It makes you feel unsteady, and even question why you are still experiencing this after doing ‘so much inner work’. But they are all just thoughts and feelings brought on by soul, fear and your...

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