You are a Success!

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2019

So you created success but you don’t feel good.


You feel drained.


You feel a bit unfulfilled.


On some levels, you thought the achievements were going to make you feel good enough, but you still don’t have faith and certainty around your core worth. At least not the deep, unwavering belief you desire.


You created a life that includes stress, overwhelm, busyness.


You’ve accepted it as the norm, most of society has done the same.


You have the very typical version of success and it all came at a cost.


This isn’t the only way.


We are in a movement. The collective consciousness is shifting. These ideas are becoming more mainstream.


The ways we ‘do’ life are changing, for the better.


Redefine what it looks like to be successful. It’s no longer synonymous with stress.


Are you ready for a quantum shift?


Yes? Then message me, there are spots available to attend the...

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Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

You are the cause of the stress you feel.


You. No one else. No external circumstance. Just your perception of that circumstance. The meaning you create about it.


AND you probably have created circumstances that allow that stress to continue…


Why? Because it’s what you know. It’s safe to feel that way. You are unconsciously making decisions that support your struggle continuing. Doesn’t that kinda blow your mind?! That we could be choosing a stressful experience!


When I worked in the ICU I remember telling a coworker that so many of the staff have so much stress and chaos in their life outside of their career. We remarked that the ICU environment mirrored their home lives in many ways. And she said, it’s what they know and it’s their place of comfort. Now I’m aware that I’m making a generalization, this didn’t apply to everyone. And there are lots of reasons people choose to work in the ICU, this is...

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Why are you resisting?

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2019

Why do we resist doing the things that serve us?


Sometimes the fear-based mind wants so badly to keep you from growing that it comes up with everything in the book to keep you from your new habits. The same habits that you know will serve you, that you desire, that will feel good but there is a part of you that’s screaming, ohhht nooo, we aren’t doing that. Doing that isn’t safe, what we are currently doing is safe, not that new version of me. Nope, that’s not safe.


It’s telling you:

I just need more sleep.

I just need to get over this cold first.

I just need my family to leave, then I’ll start.

I’ll sit on the couch watching TV just for tonight, tomorrow night will be different.

I’ll feel better tomorrow.

It’s not the right time.

It’s too expensive.


This is when you use some force. This is when the kick in the ass to do the thing that you will know will serve you and get you to the next level. You...

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How will you use the energy of the New Year

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2019

The energy of the New Year is a powerful. So many around you are declaring that this is going to be the year that things change.


But will it?




I hope so but many aren’t willing to commit. And then maintain that commitment.


But we are the ones that stay the course. We are the ones that continue to show up bigger and bigger each year. Stepping more into our truth and calling.


We are the ones who are loving life. All of life, not just the roses and sunshine.


We know we are here, at this time, for a reason. You know your purpose.


Let’s capitalize on the energy of the new year. Let 2019 be your biggest yet.


Let it be easy.


Commit to being in the flow, commit to abundance, commit to ease.


AND commit to going all in. Amping it up (whatever it is for you right now). Maybe it’s your voice, maybe it’s your routine, maybe it’s your message, maybe it’s your clothes, maybe it all of...

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NOW's the time, not tomorrow, not later this year. NOW!

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2019

I know that there a few of you hanging on the outskirts, waiting. It’s time. NOW!


I know you are feeling the call to start off the year strong by claiming the support you desire to catapult into 2019. You are feeling the call but will you act?


Will you decide that you aren’t going to let this opportunity pass you by?


Will you invest in yourself again in spite of your fears?


Do you believe in yourself enough to claim this support as yours?


Will you decide that this level of support is available to you?


I hope so. I know it’s available to you.


When you claim your desires, monumental things shift. Instantly things start to happen for you.


That’s the way it happens in my community. My clients create massively successful lives and businesses that they LOVE. Everything in alignment. Soulful work touching more and more lives because they said YES to support and an occasional kick in the A$$!


You are...

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I Don't Know!

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2019

I just realized my biggest unconscious lingering fear, seriously right before I was going to head to bed on a Friday night. So instead I grabbed my laptop to share it from my soul to yours. I’d been feeling stuck with a couple questions these past couple months. I haven’t been able to identify what is currently holding me back from the next level. There was something there but I hadn’t been able to see it. I know there was a reason and to be totally honest I’ve been avoiding my deeper work, trying to hide the avoidance from myself!! LOL! The things we try to  hide, right!?


I’ve been doing my inner work but not fully, not as deep as I am capable of. And even though it’s not what I want to admit. It’s true. I think we keep ourselves blind to what we aren’t ready to see. But now I’m ready. I have pretty high standards for my growth, deep and quantum. I’ve still been growing and I’ve also avoided the quantum...

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Uncategorized Dec 28, 2018

I know exactly why I made less than 20K in 2017. And why I made over 100K in 2018 too.


And it didn’t have anything to do with consistency or lack of action. I was always in action. Doing 2-4 talks/month. Networking like a boss. I was never without clients but it was a constant struggle.


I was learning how to tune into my deeper soul’s desires. 


I hadn’t stepped into my soul’s truest work.


My fears still ruled my decisions so much of the time.


I lacked confidence in my ability to share my own message and relied too often on DFY content.


And here’s why my business frickin’ took off in 2018.


I stayed the course, didn’t give up, even when that seemed sooo much easier.


I was committed to my healing, releasing deep wounds and creating new beliefs and ways of being.


I invested in myself, heavily. I am typically working with 2-4 coaches, mentors and healers at a time.



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The Fear is Normal

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2018

What if the goal wasn’t to make the limiting beliefs and fear go away completely but it was to just simply change how you respond to them as they come?


Does that FEEL easier?


That doesn’t feel impossible, right?


Less daunting?


You can DO that, right?!


It also releases you of any judgements that those thoughts/feelings/beliefs are bad. That there is something wrong with you bc you still have those thoughts. They are normal.


The key is HOW you move through them that will either keep you stuck for a minute, a month, or a lifetime. The more you practice this the faster you will quantum leap in life and business. Really every area of your life.





PS – Are you coming to Sedona with us?


You are ready to make a quantum leap in your life and business and this is the next level!!


Total immersion for 3 days.


Because they are the most intense immersive environment you can opt into for...

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Uncategorized Dec 26, 2018

Your message and medium (AKA the way you share your gifts).


When I listen to my mentors, I feel like often they are giving me words to describe what I already felt in my cells. You’ve heard me say this before.


And I used to think I needed to improve my ability to explain better, like they do. I would find myself using their analogy (giving credit, of course) and adding my take but not understanding why I didn’t have all my own words to what I believed even before I ‘heard’ it from a mentor.


I trust you are getting it and following!


So as I was tuned into what my soul desires and how I share MY message with you. I was reminded of another mentor who had channeled this vision of me leading in silence. This was shared with me a couple years ago and at the time I couldn’t make complete sense of it but didn’t feel wrong either.


My message is best shared through my energy, my vibe. My words next. 



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Uncategorized Dec 21, 2018

Why a retreat?


Uhhh, are you really asking me that? Just kidding.




You are ready to make a quantum leap in your life and business and this is the next step.


Total immersion for 3 days.


Because they are the most intense immersive environment you can opt into for transformation.


Because you are surrounding yourself with like minded leaders like yourself and the energy is exponential.


Because when you are outside your typical environment you can easily think, be and experience in a different way. Making transforming your norms, stepping into something greater or even claiming your desires even easier!


Because who doesn’t want to have 3 days to grow and learn in a luxurious setting?!!


Just because you want to. Just because you desire it. There doesn’t have to be another reason.


This is going to set the tone for your next level in 2019.


This retreat will be a catalyst...

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