Do You Need a Break?

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Do you feel like you need a break?

A vacation?

A chance to shut down?


Then it’s time to shift how you work.


Your work should fuel you. Your business is your soul work.


So if your soul work is draining you in any way, it’s time we talk boundaries. It’s time to change up how you ‘do’ work.


You need to be feeling that vacation feel EVERY day!


Let’s deconstruct where the energy leaks are, where the mindset needs a shift, what boundaries could be strengthened. It’s actually WAY easier than it feels.


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Follow Your Dreams

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2018


Do you feel that familiar feeling of tension, worry, racing thoughts AKA anxiety creeping up on you at times? Sometimes when you don’t even know why…


Even when things are going well it can creep in. I notice it when I’ve made a BIG frickin declaration. Right before I go to the next level. During that in between time.


The fear that this time it’s not going to work out. That I won’t be able to stack up to the BIG vision I have. You know what I mean don’t you?


If I’m totally honest, sometimes it’s easier to shift than others but it always transforms. The bigger the goal the more inner work I have to commit to for it to transform it. That familiar feeling is just my fears trying to keep me from going to that next level. If my fears can make me thing the risk is too big or that the failure is too scary then maybe I’d stop (aka stay safe and not go big). If I don’t change than my critter/monkey brain...

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Take Up More Space

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2018

Take up space. Every Barre3 class my instructors encourage us to expand and take up space. I love this.


Where are you shrinking? Where are you silencing your voice? Where are you physically cowering?


You are hiding your true essence. The truth of who are in an attempt to make others feel comfortable. Or maybe to make yourself blend in. Even to be invisible.


But there is a part of you dying to get out of the shackles. Just dying to be seen. To be recognized for your greatness.


You know you are meant for big things and you have been playing small. Or you played a big game this year and it opened up what’s next and now you are feeling the squeeze. This is totally normal AND it’s time to make a change.


Allow yourself to take up energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual space. And any other kind of space you can think of!


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What are you no longer available for?

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2018

What are you no longer available for?


Me? I’m not longer available for blame, shame and guilt.




It has no place in my world. I’ve released layers before but this time it’s getting ejected fully and completely.


So I ask again. What are you no longer available for?


What have you been tolerating in your life, that you aren’t available for any longer?


Loving you, 


PS – Only 2 more weeks to lock in 2018 pricing. If you are planning to work with me in 2019, now’s the time to lock in your VIP 1:1 spot at this year’s rates. Reply or message me for details. I’m looking for a few women who are extremely dedicated to quantum leaping their life and business, but it has to be the right fit. You already know it in your gut if you are ready to work with me at this level. This is the most powerful container in the work I do, it’s only for those who are ready to go all in on an even...

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Are you choosing stress?

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2018

I get pretty lit up about quick fixes, so many are promoted every day online and elsewhere for that matter. It’s what has made many of you so skeptical of anyone selling anything. Right?


Changing your life isn’t about some magic pill, oil, diet, or strategy that you need. Sure some of those things can enhance your transformation, but at the core of it…


it’s about changing the way you think

it’s about changing your daily habits

it’s about changing your perceptions

it’s about changing your beliefs


This is the work that changes your life.

That changes the amount of money your receive.

That changes your relationships.

That changes the success of your business.


The inner game is EVERYTHING!


Any stress, negativity, contraction, dissatisfaction, etc in your life is because you have

Created it.

Allowed it.

Accepted it.

And maybe on some level

Desired it.


There is no shame or blame in my saying this to...

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Mentors Give us the Puzzle Pieces You Cannot See

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2018

My mentors give me the missing puzzle pieces I cannot see bc I’m too close, bc I’ve been staring at the silly puzzle for years so it can be tough to see the possibilities.


Sometimes they give me the words to describe what I’ve felt but had difficulty expressing.


They tell me how great I’m doing when I can’t see it.


And this is what my clients tell me I do for them.


One told me every session is better than the next and we’ve been working together since January!


Another felt all the pieces come together with a surge of energy and excitement during our call.


One has created 8 clients, going from 0 to 8 in only a few months!!!


I own my greatness so you can do the same.


I am a frickin amazing, intuitive, soft but strong coach/healer/mentor.


I don’t know exactly what results YOU will get when working with me but I do know that you will get exactly what you need ( even if...

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Did You Get Triggered

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2018

Yesterday I talked to you about you triggering others and today we are going to flip it around!


Even powerful women can get triggered by other women owning their power.


When a woman you admire triggers you, it’s a gift.


It’s a chance to explore your insecurities.


Even if you totally think they were being a ‘bitch’! LOL It’s still about you, not them.


The really interesting part is the trigger or the emotional response in your body.


The strong emotion you had in response to their behavior is about you, otherwise you would have noticed their behavior without an emotional reaction. It would have felt much more neutral.


Notice the difference in this example.


You are at a coffee shop and feel like the server is ignoring you. You see her helping and serving the other customers. You start getting frustrated, thinking why does this always happen to me… I never get great service… I always...

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Do You Intimidate Others

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2018

Do you notice that you often intimidate people?


I bet you do. So do I. Actually, we both intimidate the hell out of A LOT of people.


We always have.


For years, I held back. Morphed myself into a version that was less than. AKA more accepted, more included, safer.


I believed that it was me that needed to change. I was making people uncomfortable and it was my fault. Well, I’ve said F that!! It’s not you, it’s actually their insecurities at play. It takes strength to own your own strength. Chunk by chunk start owning your power again. Actually, supercharge it!


Step back into that power of yours. When you feel other’s shrink from you, just hold space for them but don’t dim your energy. You holding your power is actually going to empower others to do the same. You are serving no one by shrinking, even if it feels like it in the immediate moment.


The more we, women, hold our power with each other the more we rise....

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It's Time

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2018

Get your nose out of the books.


Get your head out of learning.


Less consumption and more creation.


You are a creator.


It’s time to limit how much time and energy you spend consuming other’s work and step into creating more of your own. Way more time with your own thoughts, downloads and hits, please.


You are a leader, lead with your energy.


I promise you, you don’t need more information or inspiration from others. It’s time to let it out from within.

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Claim It

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2018

In the past month I’ve visited



Hosted Thanksgiving

I’m hanging in San Diego this week

And Nashville next weekend.


This is the life I desire. You might have a totally different vision for your life. I love the grounding time at home alongside the travel and experiences. It’s the perfect balance of activity and down time. I’m incredibly grateful for this life.


And it didn’t magically appear.


I had to claim it. I have taken action and after action to create this life. But first I decided what I wanted. Seriously, ask yourself “What do I want?”


Claim it as yours.

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